'Humiliated' Prince Harry Gets Back at Father King Charles III; Refuses to Sing 'God Save the King' During Queen's Funeral

Prince Harry faced backlash from royal family fans as he remained tight lipped during "God Save the King" an ode to King Charles III sung during Queen Elizabeth's funeral. Many even speculated that his wife Meghan Markle also refused to sing the anthem, even though the video did not provide any clarity on the same.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on Monday. Twitter

Prince Harry Remains Quite

The funeral for the 96-year-old Queen, who breathed her last on September 8 at her home in Balmoral, Scotland, was held at Westminster Abbey on Monday. The event was attended by members of the royal family along with several world leaders and prominent figures.

In the video clip shared by Harry's biographer, Angela Levin, the Duke of Sussex, is seen standing one row behind the newly appointed British Monarch. While it shows other members of the royal family, including Queen Consort Camilla, Princess Anne, and attendees singing the anthem, the 38-year-old is seen standing tight lipped. Meghan, who was hidden behind a tall candle, is also seen standing beside him.

Disgraced Prince Andrew, who was seen standing with his daughters behind him, was also singing the anthem for their new king.

Social Media Reacts

The social media, especially the fans of royal family were left furious. They lashed out at the estranged Prince for being 'disrespectful' towards the new king. "Prince Harry didn't sing the National Anthem to his father. Total, utter, disrespect for his father, the nation, the Crown and the monarch that pays him. Strip him of all of his royal titles and funding. How much will NETFLIX want him then," tweeted an angry UK veteran Mike Murphy.

"I had to look twice at the time. Considering he/they rejected an invite by Her Majesty to see her just before she died, the grief they caused her and their feelings for The Royal Family as a whole, why were they there?! Awful to see and Im sure , be amongst," wrote another user.

"Yes we noticed either singing it through gritted teeth or mumbling, he certainly didn't appear to give too much effort. I don't think Me-Again sang it either," expressed a user.

However, there were few who supported Harry. "Is this what you call standing up against bullying? After what King Charles the Petty have put them through this week I don't blame him," wrote a user.