Humanity to go out of the courts as AI all set to replace human judges

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A top expert has revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) powered robots will replace human judges in the court and that may reshape the entire structure of judiciary all over the world. Prof Elliott Ash of Warwick University stated that just like all other sectors, AI will be introduced in the world of judiciary too in the near future, thus automating the legal decision-making process.

The new world of judiciary

"It is straightforward, in principle, to automate legal decision-making, and there may be some advantages to doing so. This is an app that takes in evidence data, runs the numbers, and then produces a prediction about what previous judges would have likely decided. Human judges would then use this prediction as an input into their own decision, which could be based on a wider range of factors," said Elliot Ash, as quoted by

However, Ash made it clear that certain strange cases the decision would be still made by human judges.

It should be noted that computers have already succeeded in predicting the verdicts just like human judges. Artificial intelligence algorithms have already predicted 88% of prosecutor decisions, 82% of verdicts in asylum cases and 70% of US Supreme Court rulings and this indicates that the future of judiciary will be in the hands of artificial intelligence.

Humanity dies as AI takes over

Even though Ash has predicted an advent of AI in the legal sector, skeptics argued that artificial intelligence robots may clearly go wrong in certain cases. Usually, these AI systems would make use of previous judgment data before making verdicts and it indicates that the machine will repeat any bias made by the human judge in the past. It should be also noted that in some cases judges used to analyze the humanitarian angle before making judgments and AI will not be able to do so.

Artificial Intelligence is the future

A few days back, Dr. David Hanson, the creator of the humanoid robot Sophia, has revealed that humans will start marrying humanoid robots by 2045. As per Hanson, artificial intelligence robots will procure the same civil rights as humans by 2038 after the rise of 'Global Robotic Civil Rights Movement'. He also added that most of the workforce in emergency services will be dominated by artificial intelligence robots in the future.

This article was first published on June 9, 2018
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