Humans will start marrying AI-powered robots by 2045, says scientist

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Dr David Hanson, the creator of the humanoid robot Sophia, has revealed that humans will start marrying humanoid bots by 2045. Hanson also added that robots will procure the same civil rights as humans in the future and he even predicts the rise of 'Global Robotic Civil Rights Movement' in the year 2038.

As per Hanson, by 2029, android robots will match the intelligence of a one-year-old human baby. He believes that robots will be deployed in emergency services by 2031 and in 2035, robots will be able to do anything and everything like a human, followed by a civil rights movement. The movement will primarily question the ethical rights of robots who live in the human community.

Earlier, scientists from Institute of Automatics of the National University of San Juan in Argentina said that they were trying to find out how to keep robots away from any kind of collision with humans. The particular research was published in IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (JAS), where a PhD researcher from the university in Argentina and the author of the study, Daniel Herrera, wrote, that humans respect their social zones during different kind[s] of interactions, so "when a robot follows a human as part of a formation, it is supposed that it must also respect these social zones to improve its social acceptance."

But now, when Hanson made some new remarks in his research paper entitled with 'Entering The Age of Living Intelligent Systems and Android Society,' it could be assumed that the relationship between human and robots would be deeper.

In the research paper, Hanson predicts that the advent of artificial intelligence powered robots will redefine the entire course of the human community. He also made it clear that robots will have the rights to vote and own their own land in the future society.

Hanson also beleives that the future robots will attend University exams, as they may possess the same intelligence like an 18-year-old human. In addition, he revealed that humans will treat robots as second class citizens even though they will have equal legal rights.

"Lawmakers and corporations in the near future will attempt legal and ethical suppression of machine emotional maturity so that people can feel safe. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence won't hold still. As people's demands for more generally intelligent machines push the complexity of AI forward, there will come a tipping point where robots will awaken and insist on their rights to exist, to live free," said Hanson, Daily Mail reports.

Hanson has created 20 humanoid robots so far, and his most celebrated creation being Sophia, who was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2017.

This article was first published on May 25, 2018
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