Amazon's Alexa can now book flight tickets for you, here is the process

SunExpress has become the world's first airline t offer its customers the option of booking flights by voice command via Amazon Alexa

Many of us use voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa in our homes to help us with innocuous tasks such as playing music, giving you updates about the weather, making phone calls, and also making sure you don't burn your Thanksgiving dinner. Smart speakers have become an integral part of modern life and now you can even use them to book your flight tickets.

SunExpress becomes first bookable airline via Amazon's Alexa

SunExpress, a Turkish-based airline, has become the first such airline in the world to allow users to book tickets using the Alexa voice assistant from Amazon, according to Simple Flying. You no longer have to push buttons or log on to your computer to book flight for your next holiday, use voice commands to ask and Alexa will do the needful.

Booking SunExpress flight tickets using Alexa. SunExpress

The tickets will be paid for using Amazon Pay with the information already stored on their Amazon account, eliminating the need for you to even reach out for your wallet. SunExpress takes care of the entire process, from query to booking and payment, using nothing but voice commands. While other third-party ticket-booking platforms like Kayak and Skyscanner allow flights to be searched on Alexa, the booking still requires the user to do it via the Amazon website.

It remains to be known whether other airlines will follow SunExpress move and change the way we book flight tickets. Last month, Spanish airline Iberia announced that it will allow members of its loyalty program to check in using Amazon Alexa.

How to book flight tickets using Alexa?

All users have to do is activate "Language Purchase" from the Alexa app and allow "SunExpress Skill" permission to use Amazon Pay as the standard payment method. Once the user confirms, Alexa will automatically finalize the booking and proceed with the payment.

In order to ensure security through the booking and payment process, you have the option to protect the data using a four-digit verification code. Immediately after the booking, users will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail. The details of your booking can also be viewed from the Alex app.