How Did Rapper Magoo Die? Hip-Hop Star and Timberland's Ex-Rap Partner Dies Suddenly Aged 50 as Tributes Pour In

Both Magoo and Timbaland hailed from Norfolk, Virginia, and first met when they were teenagers.

Rapper Magoo, best known for his work with Timbaland, has died aged 50. The musician, whose real name was Melvin Barcliff, is believed to have died on Sunday. As of now, the cause of his death remains unknown. This sad news of Magoo's death was announced by Digital Black, a fellow R&B artist and music producer, in a post shared on his Instagram account.

Sharing a picture of Magoo alongside Timbaland's 1997 album "Welcome To Our World," he wrote: "Man can't believe this RIH Magoo damn big bro wasnt ready for this at all #superfriends." Tributes have been pouring in from all corners since the news of Magoo's death broke.

Gone too Soon

Rapper Magoo Twitter

Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, better known as the singer Ginuwine, hurried to express his sympathies and warned his fans that "time was short." He wrote: "I don't even know how to say anything at this point, I have lost 3 friends now within a month to LIFE and it's due date.

"This dude , always pushed me ...I will mis you maganooo that's what we called him ..... totally one of the best ever in my eyes always pressing forward I know we didn't talk a lot but the love was and will be always there my brotha."

"I will see you soon bro we all have our date and I'm expecting the bro hug when I get there," he continued.

Rapper Magoo Twitter

"I hate going through this and losing people we love sometimes it makes you feel like you dont wanna feel the pain so you wanna be gone also ...pain hurts oh man blessings to the family all of my condolences."

Rapper Mr Dalvin said: "He was such a good guy."

Rapper ORyan Omri Browner wrote: "Damn rest in heaven Mag a nu."

Star is Gone

Magoo with Timberland
Magoo with Timberland Twitter

Both Magoo and Timbaland hailed from Norfolk, Virginia, and first met when they were teenagers. This dynamic duo then went on to make a solid impact on the music industry.

In 1997, they unveiled their debut album "Welcome to Our World," which featured their most successful single "Up Jumps da Boogie."

Following that, they released two more albums: "Indecent Proposal" in 2001 and "Under Construction, Part II" in 2003 – a continuation of their friend Missy Elliot's album from the previous year.

Timbaland eventually carved a reputation for himself as a notable record producer, collaborating with renowned artists such as Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Madonna.

Fans also rushed into pay tribute to Magoo.

Rapper Magoo
Rapper Magoo Twitter

"Noooooo what happened!!!" one fan wrote.

"It's always someone you don't expect that dies hurts way much worse," wrote another fan.

A third one wrote: "Ommgg Nooooo not Magoo."

"DAMN yo , i met him before ..... good dude," wrote yet another fan.