BTS: Good Morning America Receives Criticism Following Interview with Jungkook for 'Lack of Professionalism'

BTS Army has criticized the producers and show host Juju Chang of Good Morning America for the lack of professionalism during the latest interview with Jungkook. Following the cancellation of his scheduled performance on Friday (July 14) at Central Park in New York, the Korean heartthrob appeared for an interview at the ABC studio.

The fans and other netizens were looking forward to the interview. However, they were disappointed after watching the interview. They shared their disappointments on various social media platforms and online communities.

Netizens claimed that the BTS member was uncomfortable during the interview. He did not seem happy. Some fans pointed out that the microphone provided to Jungkook was not working, and he could not be heard at the beginning of the interview. Chang did not notice it until he approached her for the microphone.

BTS member Jungkook during the interview with Good Morning America. Twitter/GMA

Netizens' Reactions

So this GMA interview...If something goes wrong on set, for instance, your guest being w or their mic not working - did it occur to no one to give the working mic to the guest? No one cares what the journalist is saying, and I say this as +

+ a journalist. If the reporter asking questions was unaware of this, the producer/director should have alerted them in the IFB (earpiece). Unexpected things happen, but it is the professional's job to at least attempt to fix it rather than leave a guest wondering what's going on.

Being a former tv news producer, I agree. They scrambled to get him from CPark into the studio for an interview w/out a lav mic. Juju had not planned to be the interviewer. So she was probably getting whatever info fed into her ear. Thus the unprofessional questions.

Yup, I used to be on air and remember having producers talking to me & telling me to do something as I was talking, and you deal with it. The thing is, someone was supposed to interview him. So you take those notes, feed them to Juju, and she takes it from there. Or you wing it.

I was kind off surprised that Juju did not react better. She interviewed BTS before when they were at the UN with President Moon, I believe. She's usually much more professional. GMA has had the group before. So what was the deal today? Are they not good with adjusting due to the weather?

Jk was light-years ahead of all of them. He grabbed the mike as soon as he realized he didn't have audio and switched to English after she translated all of what he said: he said he was happy.

BTS member Jungkook with Good Morning America show host Juju Chang. Twitter/GMA

Absence of a Translator

Netizens claimed that the absence of a translator in the studio made the 'Seven' singer uncomfortable during the interview. Jungkook answered the first question in Korean, and the interviewer translated it into English for the viewers. Netizens claimed that the boyband member was not happy with the translation. They pointed out that he answered the rest of the questions in English because of it.

"Cutting off the translator just to translate his many sentences into three words?" a netizen curiously wrote.

"Yeah, this interview I feel bad because it's obvious something went wrong, but the first segment issue seemed to be, even without the mic error, that there was no time pause for correct translation. And everyone is saying JK did well, but he looked a little thrown off," another netizen shared.

BTS member Jungkook performing live during the rehearsals for the Good Morning America summer concert series 2023.

'He Deserved Better'

BTS army members said the Korean heartthrob deserved better treatment from the show host and the producers. They were furious after hearing Chang asking Jungkook about his collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Latto.

"They asked him how it felt to do a song with a 'Grammy-nominated artist' (Latto). They have NO idea who they were talking to... US tv hosts have done better, especially when they use them so much for clutch," the netizen shared.

"Yes, I was so disappointed with how they handled their interview with Jungkook! He's so innocent and sweet. He deserved better. This couldn't have been the first time things were going wrong on set either," another netizen wrote.

"I hate GMA. They have gone down in interviews over my almost 40 years of life. They are sub-par that's just me being nice. Over the years when they interview, they ask questions that are a high-school teenage vibe. They are news anchors, not journalists," a fan stated.

"This is not the first time the GMA staff have fumbled the ball with BTS interview. There has been an ongoing disrespectful question and an unprofessional response each time. A NY news show should be able to roll w events gone pear shape, it is after all New York," another fan said.

"I hated the question she asked how did it feel for him to collab with a Grammy nominee like he isn't a 5 time Grammy nominated artist like how rude and disrespectful," a netizen expressed.

Watch BTS member Jungkook's Interview on Good Morning America:

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