How Did Mandisa Die? Grammy Award Winner and Former American Idol Contestant Found Dead at Her Nashville Home Aged 47

In a 2017 interview with ABC News, Mandisa opened up about her challenges with depression, admitting that she had wrestled with thoughts of suicide.

Grammy Award-winning singer and former American Idol contestant Mandisa Lynn Hundley, professionally known as Mandisa, has died at the age of 47. She participated in the fifth season of the popular talent show and claimed the ninth spot. Later, she enjoyed a successful career in Christian music.

The cause of the singer's death remains unclear. Mandisa was found at her home in Nashville on Thursday. According to reports, Mandisa had suffered depression in the past and had even considered committing suicide. However, she later received to a great extent and continued her singing career. Tributes started pouring in from all corners from the time news of Mandisa's death became public.

Gone too Soon

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In a 2017 interview with ABC News, Mandisa opened up about her challenges with depression, admitting that she had wrestled with thoughts of suicide. "Even more than her music, the Platinum-selling singer will forever be known for her huge heart and sincerity," Christian radio station K-Love said in a statement announcing her passing.

"Mandisa loved Jesus, and she used her unusually extensive platform to talk about Him at every turn. Her kindness was epic, her smile electric, her voice massive, but it was no match for the size of her heart," the station's media officer, David Pierce said.

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"Mandisa struggled, and she was vulnerable enough to share that with us, which helped us talk about our own struggles."

Mandisa was born in Citrus Heights, California, and studied vocal jazz at American River College in Sacramento and furthering her education in music at Fisk University in Tennessee.

Her music career took off with the release of her debut album, True Beauty, in 2007. However, it was her 2013 album "Overcomer" that earned her a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, solidifying her position as one of the leading stars in Christian music.

American Idol and Life of a Star

The singer auditioned for American Idol in 2005, citing her wide range of musical influences from Def Leppard to Whitney Houston. During her first appearance on the show, judge Simon Cowell made disparaging remarks about her weight, quipping, "Do we have a bigger stage this year?"

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When Paula Abdul commented on Mandisa's voice sounding "French," Cowell remarked that a more fitting comparison would be to the entire country of France. These remarks sparked complaints from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

Later in the season, Mandisa addressed Cowell's comments. "What I want to say to you is that, yes, you hurt me and I cried and it was painful, it really was. But I want you to know that I've forgiven you and that you don't need someone to apologize in order to forgive somebody," she said.

"I figure that if Jesus could die so that all of my wrongs could be forgiven, I can certainly extend that same grace to you."

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Cowell apologized and said he was "humbled" by her words.

In 2012, Mandisa revealed that she had shed a remarkable 100 pounds since her time on the show, attributing her weight loss to hiring a personal trainer and embracing the popular dance workout Zumba.

She mentioned that Cowell's comments had been "hurtful and mean," motivating her to take charge of her health and well-being.