How Did Jason Hitch Die? Unvaccinated '90 Day Fiancé' Star Dies of Covid but Had No Preexisting Conditions

Although Hitch's sister Shannon suspects that he died of Covid-19 complications, he may have died from "other factors," she suggested.

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Jason Hitch, who appeared in the second season of the TLC series "90 Day Fiancé," died due to complications from Covid on Tuesday at a Florida ICU, according to the reality star's sister. He was 45, had his family by his bedside in a Florida hospital after contracting the virus. The reality star was unvaccinated.

His sister Shannon told TMZ that the reality TV star's family was able to be present at his bedside and held his hand when he passed away. It is not known when he contracted the virus and how long he was admitted in the Florida hospital.

Gone Too Soon

Jason Hitch
Jason Hitch Twitter

Shannon told the outlet that Hitch didn't have any preexisting conditions and was not vaccinated. Although she suspects he died of Covid-19 complications, he may have died from "other factors," Shannon suggested. "He will be missed by his family and many friends and fans whom he adored," Shannon told US Weekly.

Shannon described Jason, who was a first lieutenant in the Army reserves in Florida, a "true and honest shooter, a great officer and leader to his men."

It is not known why Hitch was unvaccinated or if he was averse to taking the Covid-19 jab.

TLC, the network that hosts '90 Day Fiancé', said in a statement to People: "We are saddened to hear about the passing of Jason Hitch and send our sincere condolences to his family and friends at this time."

Hitch was 38 when he appeared on the show in 2014, where he met and later married 23-year-old Cássia Tavares.

Untimely Death

Jason Hitch with former wife Cássia Tavares
Jason Hitch with former wife Cássia Tavares Twitter

Hitch's untimely death has left his family shocked. Tavares, with whom Hitch separated in 2017, is also yet to publicly comment on his death. Costar Danielle Mullins Jbali did post a throwback photo of the group, expressing her grief over Hitch's passing.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Hitch and Tavares first met on Facebook in March of 2012 when Tavares was dating a friend of his. After that relationship ended, Hitch and Tavares pursued a romance.

The two then got married in 2014 after Tavares shifted to the United States. Tavares at that time said that long-distance dating was challenging in terms of trust, adding, "If you don't talk, what do you have?"

T avares told the Tampa Bay Times in 2014 of their romance: "Before being a couple, we were best friends. It's hard to find this kind of connection with someone."

Following his divorce, Hitch in 2019 told Radar that his communications with Tavares were "cordial and civil" in the wake of their split.

He said that a large factor in their split was due to a "lack of communication," and that he'd hoped to "get married in the future." "A successful relationship is communication, physical attraction and doing whatever it takes," he told Radar in 2019. "Right now it's time to go in different directions. I think we'll remain friends. She knows I have her best interests at heart."

Hitch was also arrested in January of 2017 in connection with domestic battery in an incident with Tavares.

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