How Did Gill Catchpole Die? James Morrison's Partner Found Dead at Their Family Home as Singer Is Left Devastated

The couple has two daughters together, Elsie, 15, and Ada, 5. Catchpole managed a café and catering business in the village where the family lived.

Gill Catchpole, the partner of singer James Morrison, was found dead at their home. She was 45. According to sources, Morrison is devastated by Catchpole's unexpected death, after she was found dead at their Gloucestershire home in Whitminster on Friday. Catchpole and Morrison were parents to two daughters.

Morrison, 39, gained prominence in 2006, achieving Top 10 albums, including two Number Ones. He won the Brit Award for Best British Male in 2007. The singer first met Catchpole at the age of 17 when she moved into his mother's house as a lodger. Catchpole's café, The Cotswold Sandwich Box, was closed on Saturday, and police cars were reportedly seen outside.

Sudden Death

Gill Catchpole
Gill Catchpole with James Morrison X

Reports indicate that Morrison is overwhelmed with grief, and his family is coming together to offer support during this difficult time. Morrison has expressed his admiration for his late wife, referring to her as his "hero."

The title of his recent album, "Stronger Than You Know," was reportedly inspired by her resilience following the premature birth of their daughter Ada.

Gill Catchpole
Gill Catchpole X

The couple has two daughters together, Elsie, 15, and Ada, 5. Catchpole managed a café and catering business in the village where the family lived.

According to The Sun, police cars were stationed outside the Cotswold Sandwich Box on Saturday when it was closed for a visit by officers. A family friend told the outlet that there are no suspected suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

"Gill was found dead on Friday at the family's home in Whitminster," they said.

"James is devastated and is being supported by his family. He is holding it together for their girls but has asked for the family to be left alone to grieve in private."

Gill Catchpole
Gill Catchpole with husband James Morrison X

A local said that the community was in 'complete shock' following the tragic news.

Morrison has previously shared the challenges the couple faced when their daughter Ada was born 13 weeks premature, weighing only 1lb 11oz.

He spoke about the difficulties they endured during that period, describing it as a "difficult year" as they navigated the challenges of their tiny baby's early arrival into the world.

Irreparable Loss

Elsie also faced challenging circumstances during her birth, as her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Catchpole had to spend a week and a half in the hospital following the complicated delivery.

Gill Catchpole
Gill Catchpole with James Morrison X

Given Morrison's own experience of being born prematurely and overcoming challenges, including surviving whooping cough as an infant, he expressed deep admiration for his partner.

He emphasized that she was irreplaceable, especially considering all she had endured for the well-being of their children. Morrison shared with the Mirror the emotional moments after Ada's premature birth, describing Gill as his hero.

"I'm still so in awe of how she got through it. She's my rock. I've known her since I was playing open mic bars and was a van cleaner. I could never replace her," he told the Mirror.

Morrison told Lorraine in 2019: "[My daughter] was born just 1lb 11oz. She was really really small, but now she's a good strong baby. She makes up for it in volume.

Gill Catchpole
Gill Catchpole Facebook

"It's good we've got to this point, as the first year was difficult. Everything that was hard is worth it now.

"(Gill) was feeling down after the baby, so I had so much admiration for her.

Morrison's debut album from 2006, "Undiscovered," is a five-time platinum certification in the UK. His subsequent album, "Songs for You, Truth for Me," released as a follow-up, earned a platinum certification three times. In 2011, "The Awakening" reached Number One on the charts and also received platinum certification.