How Did Cole Brings Plenty Die? 'Yellowstone' Spinoff Actor and Nephew Mo Brings Found Dead After Going Missing Following Domestic Violence Incident

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department announced that officers had submitted an affidavit to the Douglas County District Attorney for Cole's arrest.

Cole Brings Plenty, who acted alongside his uncle Mo Brings Plenty in the prequel 1923 and appeared in "Yellowstone", was found dead at the age of 27 on Friday. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office in Kansas revealed that Cole's body was found in a wooded area on Friday morning.

The cause of death for the young Lakota actor is currently unknown, and the investigation into the case is ongoing. Mo had posted a missing persons poster of his nephew on Instagram on Tuesday, saying that Cole had been last seen on Sunday. Kansas authorities had issued an affidavit for Cole's arrest in connection with a domestic violence incident on Sunday.

Missing and Now Found Dead

Cole Brings Plenty
Cole Brings Plenty X

Fans quickly extended their condolences on X, formerly Twitter, with one expressing, "Rest in Peace [sic] to the missing Indigenous man, Cole Brings Plenty." "The passing of Cole Brings Plenty is so heartbreaking. I feel for his family as they held on to hope & did everything they could to find him. I hope a full investigation is done & the family gets the answers they deserve," another fan wrote.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department announced that officers had submitted an affidavit to the Douglas County District Attorney for Cole's arrest.

Cole Brings Plenty
Cole Brings Plenty in 'Yellowstone' prequel '1923' X

According to 12News, officers responded to reports of a "female screaming for help" at an apartment in Lawrence on Sunday morning.

Cole had left the scene and was believed to be traveling southbound on Highway 59. He was last seen driving a white 2005 Ford Explorer with a Kansas license plate.

Mo's Instagram post featuring the missing persons poster noted that Cole had missed a scheduled appointment with his agent for a TV show, a behavior described as "uncharacteristic."

The poster also mentioned that his cell phone was turned off.

Mo Brings
Mo Brings X

Cole, known for his portrayal of sheepherder Pete Plenty Clouds in "1923", was last seen leaving Lawrence, Kansas, in his car in the early morning hours on Sunday, as mentioned in the poster.

Cole Hauser, Mo's co-star in "Yellowstone," who plays Rip Wheeler on the series, also shared the poster on his Instagram, urging followers to provide any information if they had seen Cole since Easter evening in Kansas City.

Ending in Tragedy

"Yellowstone" co-stars Michelle Randolph and Kelsey Asbille echoed similar appeals on social media, urging their fans to join in the search for Cole. Cole's father, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., had also posted a plea for help on Facebook.

Cole Brings Plenty
Cole Brings Plenty X

"If anyone knows where my son Cole Brings Plenty is please tell him to call me," Joseph wrote in his post. "His family is very worried about him."

Cole's sister Belle also shared his missing poster on Instagram, describing him as 5'10" with long black hair and brown eyes.

Shortly after the "Yellowstone" stars shared the missing person poster, the Lawrence Police Department issued a statement on Facebook, identifying Cole as a suspect in an incident involving allegations of domestic violence.

Cole Brings Plenty
Cole Brings Plenty X

According to the statement, authorities responded to reports of a woman screaming for help in an apartment on Sunday morning.

Following an investigation that identified Plenty as a suspect, traffic cameras captured him leaving the city immediately after the incident. Moreover, the police said that they had probable cause for his arrest and issued an alert to area agencies.

However, due to the sensitive nature of the allegations, authorities refrained from disclosing further details about the incident.