Who is TKEM Star Lee Min Ho's Best Friend? Jung Il Woo Spills the Beans

Jung Il Woo met Lee Min Ho when they were in high school. From differences of opinion to fatal accident and success, here is how the actors have remained best friends

The King Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho and Sweet Munchies actor Jung Il Woo are friends in the Korean entertainment industry. The two actors met long before they debuted and here are some interesting details about their first meeting.

The friendship of Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo is nearly 20 years old. Both have been there for each other while they nurtured the dream of becoming actors, amid their struggling days and encouraging each other when one climbed up the ladder of stardom. The two seem to share a strong bond that cannot be swayed by any hardship. Here is why.

Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo
Top Korean actors Lee Min Ho (L) and Jung Il Woo have been friends since they were teenagers. Instagram

The First 'Sparkling' Meeting

When Jung Il Woo met Lee Min Ho for the first time, both were high school students. Despite the fact that they did not study in the same school, it did not take long for them to become friends once they were introduced to each other by mutual friends.

Speaking at My Ugly Duckling section of Soompi publications, Jung Il Woo had told that he had heard a lot about Lee Min Ho even before he met him. Min Ho is said to have been popular in his school because of his soccer skills and handsome face. Jung Il Woo studied in the school that was next to Lee Min Ho's. When Jung Il Woo saw Lee Min Ho for the first time he too felt that Min Ho was sparkling.

According to Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho and he have different opinions on many issues. The duo became friends when they were still teenagers and Il Woo used to think why doesn't Lee Min Ho agree with him. But he said that their friendship has matured with time and circumstances. Currently, both respect each other's opinions and know how to be compatible despite their different tastes and personalities.

Two Factors That Bind Min Ho and Il Woo Together

There is one thing that is common between the two friends. Both are foodies. They love food and both have similar taste in terms of food items especially their love for meat. The second factor is that both do not like drinking alcohol. Lee Min Ho is a teetotaler, but Jung Il Woo, of late, has started drinking during parties. But basically both are not fans of alcohol.

The actors have not only been with each other while sharing the success but in failures too. Both have overcome a great tragedy that could have ended their careers in the entertainment industry, if not for the support of their families. In 2006, when Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo had not established themselves as stars in the Korean entertainment industry, they suffered a fatal accident along with two others.

Two others accompanying the actors died on the spot as a car crossed the center line and crashed into the vehicle the actors were travelling in. Both Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo suffered severe injuries and were treated in hospital for seven months. It took more than one year for the actors to get back on their foot, but both kept encouraging each other and made sure to make their comebacks.

The Success Story

Jung Il Woo became a prominent actor in 2008 after performing in the drama Unstoppable High Kick. Lee Min Ho became a hallyu actor after appearing as Gu Jun Pyo in the drama Boys Over Flowers in 2009. Both have seen ups and downs in their careers. In 2013 Lee Min Ho got another break with his drama The Heirs. But Jung Il Woo was diagnosed with aneurysm in 2016 pushing him into depression.

But this did not affect their relationship and had each other's back constantly and Lee Min Ho played an important role in Jung Il Woo's recovery. Are the actors still best friends? Yes, say the recent actions and social media posts of the actors.

As an example of their friendship, Jung Il Woo had sent a coffee truck to Lee Min Ho's The King Eternal Monarch set. Min Ho too reciprocated by posing in front of the truck with a victory sign. Min Ho even shared the picture on his Instagram page.