Here is why Song Joong Ki is Not on Social Media, Lee Min Ho of TKEM Fame Most Followed Actor

Song Joong Ki chooses not to have any personal social media presence at all, whereas Lee Min Ho has become the most followed South Korean actor on social media.

Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho
Song Joong Ki has chosen not have any social media presence, whereas Lee Min Ho is said to be the most popular South Korean star on social media. Instagram

Ever since the release of his new look by his agency History D&C, Song Joong Ki is back in the news. Appreciation for his new look soon turned into warning as rumors of the actor dating a lawyer started making rounds on social media. But guess what, Song Joong Ki has never been on social media and looks like he doesn't intend to do anytime soon.

In an earlier interview, Song Joong Ki had revealed the reason for not having a social media account. The Descendants of the Star had said that he was not at all tech-savvy. The actor is not on Twitter, Facebook or on Instagram.

He had said that many people have different opinions about being on social media. Even people who are close to him are said to have different ideas about the actor not having any social media account. But he said the reason for his absence from social media was simple and it was because he is not good at handling technology. The actor said he does not know how to make use of it. Keeping up with the latest technology is said to be challenging for the Arthdal Chronicles star.

Warning From Song Joong Ki's Agency And Law Firm

Recently, Song Joong Ki was rumored to be dating a lawyer and the actor issued a warning that if any such rumors persist he will take legal action against those who spread them. The warning was issued through the actor's agency History D&C.

"We intend to pursue civil and criminal action against tabloid articles about our artist, the starters and spreaders of malicious rumors about our artist, and malicious commenters who slander our artist out of spite," stated History D&C.

The firm Lee & Co where the lawyer in question is working said in a statement: "As a law firm, in order to protect our lawyer, we are monitoring the spread of false information. If this criminal behavior continues, we will seek criminal and civil action in the form of criminal charges and damage lawsuits."

Lee Min Ho Most Followed Star

The success of the drama The King: Eternal Monarch helped the lead actor of the drama Lee Min Ho increase his popularity. His agency MYM Entertainment announced that currently, Lee Lim Ho is the most followed actor on social media.

Lee Min Ho has 17.3 million followers on Facebook, over 16.7 million followers on Instagram and three million users follow him on Twitter.

Lee Min Ho's Instagram account had 12 million followers before The King: Eternal Monarch aired on April 17. But by the time the last episode was aired on June 12, he had gained more than four million followers and the numbers are still growing.

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