How Actor Lee Ji Hoon Fell In Love with His Fan Miura Ayane and Ended Up Marrying Her

Singer and actor Lee Ji Hoon has already registered his marriage with non-celebrity Miura Ayane and the couple will hold a wedding ceremony in October 2021.

The secret is out. This is how South Korean actor and singer Lee Ji Hoon met his wife Miura Ayane. The couple has reportedly registered their marriage. But the official wedding ceremony will be held in October 2021. Most Korean actors refrain from revealing identity of their non-celebrity wife. But Lee Ji Hoon introduced his wife through SBS show You Are My Destiny, recently.

Best known for his performance in Korean drama You Are My Destiny opposite Girl's Generation's YoonA, Lee Ji Hoon is also a well-known singer. Currently, Lee Ji Hoon and Ayane are said to be living together after registering their marriage. Here is how Lee Ji Hoon's fan won the idol's heart.

Lee Ji Hoon Miura Ayane
Singer - actor Lee Ji Hoon has registered his marriage with non-celebrity Miura Ayane. Youtube Screengrab /Instagram

Miura Ayane hails from Tokyo, was born in 1993. She is 14 years younger to Lee Ji Hoon. The actor is said to have decided to get married because he wanted to fulfil Ayane's wish to get married before she turns 30. Ayane is working as a Korean interpreter and translation. She moved to South Korea in 2012 and graduated from the Department of Political and Diplomacy at Yonsei University. She is said to have passed the sixth grade of Korean language proficiency test called TOPIK. She also helps Lee Ji Hoon with his social media writing.

Ayane's Love for Korean Dramas

Ayane's mother is a diehard fan of Korean dramas. Thus watching them along with her mother, Ayane too grew passionate about Korean dramas. She instantly became Lee Ji Hoon's fan and her interest in him made her not only learn but even academically study the Korean language.

Her interest in Korean language and culture just grew and she joined a college in South Korea. As Lee Ji Hoon is known to be a musical actor, she attended his shows without fail. Coincidently, one of her acquaintances knew Lee Ji Hoon and introduced Ayane to him after one of his musical shows.

This was a short introduction, but she got to know Lee Ji Hoon better when she attended an after-party. By the end of the party, they had exchanged numbers. It was a fact that her interest in Lee Ji Hoon had made her pursue a career in South Korea. Thus, Ayane wanted to sincerely thank Lee Ji Hoon for changing her life.

The first time she asked him out for a meal, Lee Ji Hoon happened to have lost his phone and the meeting did not happen. Ayane did not want to give up and asked him out a second time. But Lee Ji Hoon was suffering from flu that day. However, the third time she tried, Lee Ji Hoon too agreed to meet her. But luck was not on Ayane's side as due to a reported COVID-19 case in the neighbourhood the location where the couple was supposed to meet was closed and their meeting was cancelled.

Deciding that it would be her last try, Ayane contacted Lee Ji Hoon again and at last they met for the first time after exchanging numbers. Lee Ji Hoon was apparently not comfortable meeting Aayne as he was not sure of her motive. But when he heard and felt that she genuinely wanted to thank him for changing her life, he was touched.

After having a hearty talk with Ayane, Lee Ji Hoon fell head-over-heels in love with her, just like a couple from Korean drama falling in love at first sight. His love was well accepted and after dating for a year, the couple has taken their relationship to the next level.

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