Hospital Playlist Season 3: No More Sequels for tvN Medical Drama?

Hospital Playlist may not return with a new season on tvN, Producing Director (PD) Shin Won Ho has hinted. The viewers of this medical drama have been looking forward to the next sequel ever since the last episode of season 2 aired on tvN on September 16. They were waiting to watch the new beginnings of their favorite characters -- Lee Ik Jun, Ahn Jeong Won, Kim Jun Wan, Yang Seok Hyeong, and Chae Song Hwa.

However, the medical drama is unlikely to return with a third season. According to Won Ho, his original plan was to focus on the lead characters. Gradually, the story expanded to the residents, other medical staff members, the patients, and their guardians. Although there are a lot more stories to share about the five senior doctors of Yulje Medical Centre, it will be a never-ending process.

"Just like how in our lives, today passes, and then we have tomorrow's story, and when tomorrow passes we'll have stories from the day after, there's no end to the daily lives of the 99-ers. However, since I've accumulated a lot of concerns and exhaustion from producing my first drama with more than one season, I don't think it'll be easy to decide on whether we'll continue with this story", he explained.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
A poster of hit tvN medical drama Hospital Playlist. Twitter/tvN

Won Hi then stated that there are a lot more remaining stories to share about the patients and their guardians. But it may not be possible to bring these characters to the screens again.

"I presume that viewers came in after finding one aspect [of the drama] charming—for example, the chemistry between the five friends, the music and the band, the patients, the warm stories of their guardians, the love lines, or the ensemble of the many actors—and then gave us so much love after finding a different aspect charming as well. If I have to pick just one, I think the chemistry between the five actors and the characters they created, as well as the little stories they told within Yulje Medical Center, earned us a lot of points", he said.

Jeon Mi Do, Ahn Eun Jin, and Shin Hyun Been Reunion

Thirty-Nine actress Mi Do recently reunited with her Hospital Playlist co-stars Eun Jin and Hyun Been. Mi Do shared the news with her fans through an Instagram update. She shared a selfie with Eun Jin and Hyun Been with the caption - "A gathering of Yulje Hospital employees".

Mi Do portrayed senior neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa, Eun Jin featured resident Chu Min Ha, and Hyun Been played general surgeon Jang Gyeo Ul in the hit medical drama.


Eun Jin once dished about the difficulty in getting over the character during an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine. The actress said it took a while to bid adieu to her character in the tvN medical drama. She also said that Min Ha is way better than her as she is healthier, brighter, and pretty.

"If people view me as that good of a person, do I have to shatter that image? Additionally, I don't think that is something that can easily be done just because I try. It's also not a problem that I can solve right away", she added.

The actress also opened up about her relationship with the Hospital Playlist co-stars. Eun Jin said she contacts her fellow actors whenever she goes through hard times.