Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 10 Recap; Episode 11 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Hospital Playlist returned with a very special episode of season 2 on August 6. This week, the medical drama featured only a few outpatients as it focussed on some of its supporting characters.

The show-stealers of this week were Jang Gyeo Ul and Do Jae Hak. Both the characters shared their personal stories with the viewers. While Gyeo Ul opened up about her abusive father, Jae Hak spoke about his marriage.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The chapter picked up from where it left off in episode 9 and focussed on the conversation of Lee Ik Sun with Kim Jun Wan. Though the cardiologist did not get a chance to talk in detail about the breakup with his former lover, he was happy to receive a text message from her.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Jung Kyung Ho in Kim Jun Wan in Hospital Playlist season 2 Twitter/tvN

After surgery, the senior professor rushed to the emergency room to meet his ex-girlfriend, but she was not there. She left a text message for him, stating that she will get in touch with him soon. So, Jun Wan waited for Ik Sun to contact him.

A few days later, the surgeon received a text message from his former lover, on which she asked him to meet her on the weekend. He agreed, and they met each other again at the restaurant near the hospital. Both of them casually spoke about the various challenges when they were apart and rekindled their relationship.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Yoo Yeon Seok as Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

Jang Gyeo Ul's Family

The young resident has been hiding something from her colleagues and friends for the past few weeks. The viewers that she is a victim of domestic violence, but there were loose ends in her story.

This week, the tvN medical drama introduced Gyeo Ul's brother, Jang Gae Ul. The character is portrayed by actor Park Jung Woo. The siblings shared some details of their painful childhood with the viewers and revealed that their father is behind bars for domestic violence. When Gae Ul's lover came to know about his family, she broke up with him.

However, Ahn Jeong Won was very calm after getting to know the resident's family. He asked her not to be too hard on herself and take good care of her mother. The pediatrician also allowed the resident to take a break from their romantic relationship to focus on her family. He just asked her to meet up once a week for dinner dates.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Kim Dae Myung as Yang Seok Hyeong in Hospital Playlist Twitter/tvN

A baby on the way for Do Jae Hak

At the beginning of episode 10, the chief resident told his professor why he does not have a child. The doctor said that he got married at a young age and did not think about a child for the first five years of their marriage. But when they thought about having a baby, it becomes difficult for them due to several medical reasons. So, they decided to focus on each other.

Surprisingly, during her visit to the hospital, Jae Hak's wife finds out that she is in the 10th week of pregnancy. But, the couple gets the shock of their life when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. They had two options -- to drop the pregnancy or to delay the treatment. The couple gets confused, and Yang Seok Hyeong helps them make a decision.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Jun in Hospital Playlist season 2 Twitter/tvN

Yang Seok Hyeong's foreign trip and Lee Ik Joon's birthday

The medical drama also hinted about the gynecologist's plans to go abroad and study while featuring his first meeting with Chu Min Ha's parents. The followers of this mini-series are curious to know what lies ahead for the two characters. Some of them predicted a happy ending for the couple.

Meanwhile, Ik Joon celebrated his birthday with friends and enjoyed a team dinner with his colleagues. Towards the end of the chapter, Chae Song Hwa left a birthday present at his office when the emergency room received a call from a paramedical staff. The staff explains in detail a seriously injured doctor, who is identified as a Yulje staff. Who could it be?

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Jeon Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

The upcoming episode of this tvN medical drama will show a person who is seriously injured. The followers of this mini-series have started speculating the character, and many think that it is Ik Joon. He was out for a team dinner, and the promo for the next episode does not feature him in the present. A few K-drama fans also think it could be one of the residents because the production team is just trying to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Here are some of the fan speculations about the upcoming episode of this tvN medical drama:


The trailer shows Jeong Won, Song Hwa, Seok Hyeong, and Jun Wan in their hospital gowns. But Ik Joon is featured in a casual outfit, and a few eagle-eyed fans believe it's a flashback scene. Meanwhile, the promo also shows Seok Hyeong enjoying a date with Min Ha.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 11 will air on tvN Thursday, September 9 at 9 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch it live online here.