Hospital Playlist Season 2 Premiere Records Double-Digit Viewership Ratings

The much-awaited second season of Hospital Playlist premiered on Thursday, June 17, with double-digit viewership ratings. The tvN medical drama, starring Jo Jung Seok, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung in lead roles, recorded an average nationwide television rating of 10.7 percent for its first episode, according to Nielson Korea.

It is higher than the television rating of its first season premiere. The mini-series that focuses on the friendship between five senior surgeons working at the Yulje Medical Center received a viewership rating of 6.3 percent for the first season premiere. The highest rating for this K-drama was 14.14 percent, recorded by the finale of season 1.

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The medical drama that follows general surgeon Lee Ik Jun and his friends – cardiologist Kim Jun Wan, gynecologist Yang Seok Hyeong, neurologist Chae Song Hwa, and pediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong Wan – received rave reviews from K-drama fans worldwide from its season premiere.

"Hospital Playlist season 2 starts strong once again, literally continuing the rhythm established in season 1. I feel like the real story about the five friends will be revealed in the upcoming episodes," a follower of this medical drama wrote.

"OMG, I feel like I'm dreaming of watching Hospital Playlist season 2 premiere. So happy to see my winter garden couple again," another follower of this medical drama wrote.

"I love how thrilling this show is becoming. Super excited for the upcoming episodes," a K-drama fan wrote.

Hospital Playlist S2
A poster of Hospital Playlist Season 2. Twitter/tvN

A Quick Recap of Hospital Playlist Season 2 Premiere

The mini-series kick-started its second season with a time jump, and it took the viewers through an emotional roller-coaster of events. Episode 1 also introduced a few new characters to the viewers, including Dae Myung's ex-wife Yoon Sin Hye (portrayed by actress Park Ji Yeon), and her mother, Shin Hye Kyung (played by actress Shin Hye Kyung).

The chapter began with a telephonic conversation between Dae Myung and resident Chu Min Ha on Christmas night. The resident invites him for dinner, and he politely rejects her. Mae Dyung is still a loner, and the only thing he enjoys is the band practice with his long-time friends. He helps his ex-wife with her father's treatment but maintains a safe distance from her.

Nothing much has changed about Jun Wan, Song Hwa, and Ik Joon. While Jun Wan deals with the various challenges of his long-time relationship with Lee Ik Sun, Ik Joon continues with his daily routine. Song Hwa is still working at the countryside hospital, and she visits her friends during the weekends. But a lot has changed for Jeong Won as he is now in a relationship with resident Jang Gyeo Wool.

Hospital Playlist will return with a new episode on tvN next Thursday, June 24, at 9 pm KST.