Horrifying Video Shows Baltimore Black Man Attacking 2 Asian Sisters with Blocks for Closing Liquor Store

Daryl Doyles, 50, was arrested after local authorities watched the video, where he is seen brutally attacking the two Korean-American sisters.

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Police have arrested a Black man in Baltimore after shocking surveillance camera footage showed him beating two Korean-American sisters with a cement block as they tried to close their liquor shop for the evening. The man identified as Daryl Doyles, 50, was arrested after local authorities watched the video, where he is seen brutally attacking the two Asian sisters.

The fight starts inside the liquor store but then the two women are dragged out of the shop where Doyles mercilessly beats them up. The video of the incident has since gone viral. The attacker now faces two aggravated assault charges. However, he has not been charged with a hate crime.

Beaten Mercilessly

Baltimore Brawl
The two Asian women being attacked by Daryl Doyles Twitter

The shocking video released on Reddit shows an Asian woman in a gray shirt trying to shut the door of Wonderland Liquors on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the Safe Streets office and a church in Baltimore shortly before 11 pm on Monday night. However, a man, later identified as Doyles, suddenly appears from nowhere and forces back the woman into the store.

He is seen wearing a red shirt and carrying cement block. Soon a brawl starts as Doyles shoves the women. Another male customer is also seen watching the brawl as he walks past and leaves the store. The surveillance camera installed inside the store then captures Doyles shoving the women on the ground and then fighting with her for at least 20 seconds.

Soon a second woman, who was identified as the first woman's sister, tries to intervene and stop the fight. However, before she could do anything, Doyles smacks her with the same cement block. The two women together try to force Doyles out of the door, but he once again slams them both with the cement blocks, forcing them to the ground.

The view somewhat gets blocked after that as much of the fight then continues outside of the store, largely obstructed from the surveillance camera, until the women return to the store alone.

Horrifying Experience

Daryl Doyles
Daryl Doyles Baltimore Police

The women are next seen reentering the store as they profusely bleed. Police haven't named the two women. Doyles, as identified by the police, reportedly fled the scene on foot after seriously injuring the two women. The motive behind the attack too hasn't been released.

The first is now facing severe physical wounds, and her sister had to get 25 stitches on her head following the assault, according to a note written on a GoFundMe page that has been set up by John Yun, the son of the first woman. The page has been he set up to pay for his mother and aunt's medical expenses.

Two Sisters
The two Asian sisters after being attacked GoFundMe

Yun also said that his mother had never seen Doyles prior to this altercation. The women have since been discharged for the hospital but are traumatized after the attack. "Their physical wounds will heal eventually, but the trauma from this attack will require more time," Yun said.

At an unrelated news conference Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Larry Hogan said he has seen the video. "I was outraged. It's just another example of this violent outburst and attacks on Asians all across the country," Hogan said. "We're going to get to the bottom of this. We already have state police working in conjunction with the city to investigate."