Graphic Video Captures Moment Female Tourist Loses Arm and Leg Before She Dies in Horrific Shark Attack in Egypt [WATCH]

The video shows onlookers on a nearby pier recording the woman's attempt to survive and commenting on her situation but nobody tries to save her.

A tourist died in a horrific shark attack at a well-known beach resort in Egypt after the creature tore apart her "arm and leg" on Friday, as onlookers watched in shock. A chilling video of the fatal shark attack has emerged that captures the moment the 68-year-old woman tries to swim back to the shore as the shark "bit off her arm and leg."

The woman, an Austrian pensioner, died in an ambulance from "shock", possibly a heart attack, after the Red Sea horror. Videos were filmed by watching Russian tourists who bemoaned the lack of lifeguards or rescuers. While a sizable audience observed the incident, no one was spotted diving into the water to assist the woman.

Spine-Chilling Moment

The incident happened at the Sahl Hasheesh, a popular bay on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, close to Hurghada, on Friday when the woman went for a swim. Chilling video footage shows her frantic swim back to shore after "losing an arm and a leg" in the attack at the resort frequented by British tourists.

As the woman struggled to find her way back to a pier while wearing a flipper, her blood could be seen in the water. Terrified onlookers tried to distract the animal, but no one jumped in to help her.

The video shows onlookers on a nearby pier recording the woman's attempt to survive and commenting on her situation but nobody tries to save her.

Shark attack
The woman seen trying to swim back to the shore after the shark tore apart one of her legs and arms Twitter

"Where are the rescuers?" a group of Russian vacationers can be heard asking. "F***, she's covered in blood. Holy s***."

"Where's the rescue team? 'For f****'s sake. Life guards? Where are the life guards? She's going to f***ing die!"

Shark attack
The woman is seen struggling with blood spilled on the water Twitter

The victim, although an Austrian, was reportedly married to an Egyptian and resided there with him. Russian witnesses said that she had lost one arm but didn't mention that she had also lost a leg.

Death from Trauma

The woman miraculously made her way back to the shore where doctors gave her CPR. However, she died minutes later in an ambulance. Authorities have closed the surrounding beaches for three days.

Shark attack onlookers
Other tourists watched in shock as the shark bit off her arm and leg and she struggled to make it back to the land Twitter

"Doctors fought for her life for a long time, giving her cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but she could not be saved," said one witness.

According to a local source cited by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, the woman's heart stopped and could not be restarted, she was sent to the hospital but passed away on the way.

"The woman died in the ambulance from painful shock," the report mentioned.

Shark attack onlookers
Other tourists watched but no one dived in to help the woman Twitter

Although shark attacks are rare in Egypt, the Red Sea is home to over 44 different species of the fish, some of which are lethal. The most prevalent are the 6-foot-long, sharp-toothed grey reef sharks.

They swim in shallow water that is no deeper than 60 meters. A 12-year-old Ukrainian child on vacation in Egypt and his tour guide suffered limb losses as a result of an oceanic whitetip shark attack in October 2020.

Shark Twitter

Following the horrific attack at the Red Sea resort Ras Muhammad, the two required amputations. Additionally, over the course of five days at Sharm el Sheikh in 2010, five shark attacks occurred. The injured tourists were three Russians, one Ukrainian, and one German.