Shark Attacks Family's Fishing Boat; Man, Wife and Son Have Narrow Escape After 1-Hour Ordeal (VIDEO)

The video of a 14-foot great white shark attacking a family's fishing boat near the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth in Australia, has gone viral on social media. The footage shows the shark circling the boat, trying to mouth the boat parts with its jaws.

David Tuckfield, his wife Tanya and their 14-year-old son Shelby had a narrow escape when this giant from the deep sea surfaced near the family's boat, attempting several attacks.

The video footage and the photographs point towards the close shave that the Tuckfield family had with death. The family feels that they got lucky as it was an Easter weekend.

The shark had encircled the boat for almost an hour. Watch the video here

White shark attack on a fishing boat

People Remember Previous Shark Attacks

A large number of social media followers have expressed disbelief over the incident adding that the family was lucky to have survived the shark attack.

This incident has brought back memories of various harrowing experiences wherein people have faced fatal injuries and even death during shark attacks.

It is noteworthy that Australia has the world's highest number of shark fatalities.

There have been eight unprovoked shark attacks in NSW alone in 2021 out of which two were fatal.

According to a recent report carried in 9 News, a swimmer was killed on Sydney Beach Little Bay in February this year. The eyewitnesses present on the beach stated that it was a three-meter-long white shark that attacked the swimmer.

Despite the fact that people are petrified of the shark attacks, majority side with the shark scientists and biologists that the animal should be saved and not killed.

Sharks, seals and humans should live together, opined some social media users.

"Good old Western Australia and their sharks. It's like a scene from Jaws. Great white shark attacks family boat in WA," wrote a twitter user.

Another user expressed his views stating, "Terrifying moment massive four-metre great white shark attacks family's tiny boat - before it must have been terrifying to say the least but they ended up alive and kicking."