Hong Soo Ah reveals getting cosmetic surgery done on producer's advice

Hong Soo-ah says she left for China due to lack of work in South Korea.

Hong Soo-ah
Actress Hong Soo-ah. dreamtenter.com

Known for her role in the sitcom 'Nonstop' in the early 2000s, and a lead role in the film 'Malice,' Hong Soo-ah has revealed that she did alter her facial features through cosmetic surgery. She also said that her decision was partly influenced by the advice of a movie producer.

As noted by website Allkpop, actress Hong Soo-ah talked with MBC's 'Radio Star' on November 29. Here she said, "I was looking at the screen after filming a movie and the producer told me that I will look prettier if I slightly get work done on my eyes. I was also feeling a limit to my role choices. I wanted to be an actress with a wide range. Now, they love me in China."

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Hong Soo-ah had left South Korea to work in the Chinese entertainment industry. She worked on a number of Chinese movies like 'Haunted Road,' 'The Spectator' and television dramas like 'Billion Dollar Heir' and 'Two Families from Wenzhou' among others. Hong Soo-ah did return back to South Korea and landed a lead role in Director Kim Yong-Woon's 2015 movie 'Malice.'

As for deciding to work in China, she said, "I didn't have any productions in Korea. I really wanted to act. And I was given an offer for a Chinese film. I didn't go there to make money. I just really wanted to act. That was back 2014. I also came to learn the language since I had to live."

She revealed that even though her career took off in China, the cosmetic surgery did create a few problems for her; like getting stopped at a Chinese airport. "There was a press conference in Beijing. It was a schedule where I had to fly back in the evening. But the airport employee looked at my passport photo and said it wasn't me (in the photo). So I unintentionally had to reveal, 'It's me. I got surgery,'" she recalled.

In February 4 last year, she had said in an interview with Star News, as noted by Soompi, that she only ever got "I only did double-eyelid surgery and nothing else," adding, "I've said this before in the show 'Taxi.' I did not do anything else to my face except that."

As for her lean figure, she had said, "I usually walk around a lot. If I feel full after a meal, I go outside and walk around. I base my exercises on walking and also do some aerobics." She also revealed that she removed meat from her diet, while in China. "I tried to eat vegetables rather than meat when I was promoting in China. Also, I never ate late at night," she had told Star News.

This article was first published on November 30, 2017