Homophobic Cowboy Gets Arrested After Harassing LGBTQ+ Group Painting Pride-Themed Crosswalk in Canada [VIDEO]

Police arrested the 71-year-old man for an "aggressive and homophobic attack" on a group of people painting a rainbow pedestrian crossing in Saskatoon, Canada.

A homophobic man who was caught on camera harassing an LGBTQ+ advocacy group over a rainbow-colored crosswalk to celebrate Pride month in Saskatoon, Canada, has been arrested by police for causing a disturbance.

The video, originally posted on Reddit on Thursday, shows the man, who can be seen sporting a cowboy hat and handlebar moustache, screaming at the group as they paint the crosswalk.

'You Don't Own This F*cking Property'

Homophobic Cowboy
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

The man can be seen approaching the road barriers erected to keep the path safe from traffic as the paint dries. Several members of the group attempt to stop the man, informing him that they have a permit from the city to paint the crosswalk.

"You don't own this f***ing property!," he says to one of the supporters with his hands planted on either side of his hips. "You know what? You guys are getting absolutely stupid!"

He then picks up parts of a dismantled barrier with him and walks away before members of the group snatch it back from his possession.

'You Guys Are a Bunch of Assholes'

He is then repeatedly asked to leave and when he realizes that a bystander is filming him, the cowboy breaks into a boisterous laugh, approaches the camera and says, "You guys are a bunch of assholes."

Moments later, the man is seen conversing with a police officer towards the end of the video. He informs the officer that he disagrees "with what is going on" and therefore decided to intervene. He tries to justify his actions by saying that he is uncomfortable standing silently while a Pride flag decorates his city. Watch the video below:

A Saskatoon police report identified the man as a 71-year-old Quill Lake resident and confirmed that the man was arrested for "aggressively shouting at a group of individuals" and "attempting to remove road barricades." He was charged with causing a disturbance is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 24.

Saskatoon Mayor Slams the 'Aggressive and Homophobic Attack'

After the video went viral, Saskatoon mayor Charlie Clark said he was angered to see the "aggressive and homophobic attack on the folks peacefully painting" the rainbow crossing.

"As we gear up to celebrate Pride in Saskatoon, this is a reminder of the homophobia and transphobia that many in our community and province face far too often," he added. "And it is all the more reason why Pride is so important in bringing us together to work towards a city of equity, empathy and shared purpose."