Homophobic Sacramento 'Pool Karens' Shamed For Objecting to Black Lesbian Couple Kissing in the Pool (video)

A group of white women were publicly shamed after they objected to a black lesbian couple's kissing in the public pool. The women dubbed as 'Pool Karens' were forced to leave the place amidst chants of 'Shame, Shame'.

The video of the incident has gone viral on the social media. It was initially shared on Instagram by a user named artkaligos. "Pool Karens asked a female couple to stop kissing in front of kids. This woman asked a female couple to stop kissing in a public pool because her kids were present. So we gave her the Cersei Lannister treatment while they were escorted out by security. SHAME!!" he wrote while referencing to the iconic Game of Thrones Scene from season fifth.

pool karens
'Pool Karens' who objected to black lesbian couple's kissing. Twitter

Couple Was Asked to Stop Kissing

The incident took place at the pool of Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, California. Hip Hop Wired reported that Dominique Veasley, a Black woman hailing from Oakland, was in the hotel's pool with his girlfriend. As the pair started kissing, they were harassed by a group of women sitting in the cabana near the pool. The women asked the couple to stop kissing as there were children around them.

The video begins with people inside the pool shouting 'shame shame' forcing the group to leave the place. While the rest of the group left quietly, two women stopped by the person recording the scene and started yelling. One of the them dressed in a blue dress is seen raising her middle finger she telling the person to "F*** off".

Another white woman in green dress is seen asking the people shaming the group if they had any children. When one person responds in a negative she is heard saying, "Good because you'd be a f***ing terrible dad."

The woman then goes on to say that she had "never been more embarrassed" in her life "for the human race" before claiming to be a "Jewish woman from New Jersey" who lives in Oakland.

As the woman continues with her profanity laden rant, a man is seen stopping her while saying that there are children present in the area.

Victim Says the Women Did Not Object to Single Couples PDA

Speaking to CBS13, Veasley said that they were singled out as the women in the group were homophobic. Stating that she doesn't think the women would've singled her out if she were straight, the victim said some of the women in the group asked them to stop kissing because their children were present and believes they later called security on her.

"My, you know, initial reaction for the children was, oh, yeah. And then I was just like, wait, you're asking me to stop being me," Veasley said while adding that there were other straight couples in the pool showing the same level of affection. "It would have been a beautiful moment for her to teach about love to her kids. But instead, she decided to sexualize two women," she went to add.

In a statement issued to the outlet, a spokesperson of the hotel said, "The Sawyer does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind. An unfortunate disagreement between guests occurred at our pool over the holiday weekend and the matter has since been resolved. For any raised case of guest discrimination, we always seek to investigate the matter and diffuse the situation with our trained staff, responsible for looking after the safety and security of our guests and associates."