Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 14 Recap, Episode 15 Spoilers, and How to Watch

Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 14 focussed on unfolding the mystery of Hong Doo Shik's past. Yoon Hye Jin and her boyfriend did not have many happy moments together because of it. They took a break from their romantic relationship and mostly stayed apart from each other. Television producer Ji Seong Hyeon had to step in to melt the tension between his friend and her lover.

In the penultimate episode, the couple will have to make some difficult decisions together. It might not be easy for the part-timer to stay in the seaside village after revealing his secrets. Hye Jin also got a reason to go back to Seoul. It is a lifetime opportunity that she may not want to lose. Will the dentist move to Seoul with her boyfriend in episode 15?

Let's discuss it after finding out what happened between the power couple in the latest episode.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha Cha Episode 14 Recap

The chapter began by showing Hye Jin confronting Doo Shik for keeping secrets. No matter how hard the dentist tried to find out what happened to her lover five years back, he didn't spill anything about it. He kept apologizing to her. It made her angry, and she walked out of his house. On her way back home, she met her house owner. Though the dentist tried her best to hold back the tears, she could not do it. She cried loudly in front of the restaurant owner.

To calm her down, Yeo Hwa Jeong took the doctor to her home. They briefly shared their problems before the businesswoman went out. In the meantime, Doo Shik tried to call his girlfriend, but she didn't pick up his call. When the dentist woke up, she saw his missed call. She called him back to inform him that she wanted to take a break from their relationship. From that moment, she kept ignoring him.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha
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Yeo Hwa Jeong rekindles her relationship with Chang Yeong Guk

Elsewhere, the restaurant owner dealt with her problems. On a cleaning day, she saw her ex-husband giggling and laughing with his crush. It affected her badly. But the fact is that they were talking about Hwa Jeong. Yu Cho Hui was telling Yeong Guk that he should rekindle his relationship with Hwa Jeong. It will be hard to find a person like her in his lifetime.

However, the restaurant owner thought they were enjoying their time together. She could not handle the pain. So, she closed the restaurant and started drinking all alone. Jo Nam Suk happened to see it. She tricked Yeong Guk to remote him with his ex-wife. Nam Suk sent a message to Yeong Guk that Hwa Jeong is on a blind date. He rushed to his ex-wife and saw her drinking alone. He apologized for all his mistakes, and they rekindled their relationship.

Love is in the air for Ji Seong Hyeon

The television producer realized that he likes his co-worker Wang Ji won more than his junior Hye Jin. Seong Hyeon found out that Ji Won is head over heels for him. Somehow, he managed to stop her from joining another production company. But he is yet to confess his feelings to her. It might take some time for him to let her know how much he likes her.

The producer completed his work in the seaside village. He organized an after-party to thank the villagers for their help. He also sang a meaningful song that explained his current situation. All the villagers enjoyed it, and they wished him good luck.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha
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When Kim Do Ha confronted Hong Doo Shik

The after-party ended abruptly. When Doo Shik and Hye Jin went out to talk things out, everybody started discussing their romance. The villagers also spoke about the way the couple treated each other. Quickly, the topic of discussion became Doo Shik's name and assistant producer Kim Do Ha became curious to know Chief Hong's full name. His name hinted at his past connection with Doo Shik.

Do Ha's father was a low-level employee at the company where Doo Shik worked for five years. Do Ha's father's ill health had something to do with Doo Shik. The creators will share more details about it in the upcoming episode that will air on October 16.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 15 Spoilers and How to Watch

The romantic comedy-drama will return with a new episode on tvN Saturday at 9 pm KST. The chapter will reveal the details about Do Shik. In the promo, the part-timer admitted to his lover that he was responsible for Do Ha's father's current situation. But Hye Jin finds it hard to believe it. There is only one person who can reveal the truth. It is Seong Hyeon's elder sister, Seon A.

Watch the mini-series online on tvN Saturday at 9 pm KST to find out what happened to Doo Shik when he was in Seoul. K-drama fans can also stream the chapter on the official website of the broadcasting channel. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Japan, India, Singapore, and Malaysia, can watch the episode with subtitles on various streaming platforms, like Netflix. Until then, catch with the 14 episodes online here.