Homeland season 8 episode 2 air date, spoilers: What to expect in Catch and Release

  • Homeland is back with a new season.

  • The premiere episode of season 8 revealed a lot about Carrie and Saul.

  • The CIA team has taken up a new and dangerous mission.

Homeland will be back with a new episode of season 8 on Showtime this Sunday, February 16, at 9pm EST. Episode 2 is titled Catch and Release. This chapter is likely to feature some troubled moments for Saul Berenson and Carrie Mathison as they continue to work on their new mission.

Before getting into the details of the new episode, here is a quick recap of episode 1 - titled Deception Indicated. The premiere episode sees Carrie back in action. She goes to Kabul for helping Saul in convincing the Taliban government to sign a peace treaty with Afganistan. But she faces some unexpected challenges there.

What is in store for Carrie?

The synopsis says that Carrie will try to reconnect with an old ally. Is it Nicholas Brody? If we go by the words of Executive Producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, Carrie will be putting herself in the shoes of Brody in this season. It has already been revealed by Gansa and Gordon that Carrie is the new Brody in season 8.

Viewers got a glimpse of it in the premiere episode wherein station chief Mike Dunne is seen spying on her. In episode 2, viewers could get to see more about it as the chapter might continue to show Dunne and other officials being skeptical about her actions.

Here is how Gordon describes the situation (via TV Guide):

This [season] is really about being off balance with Carrie. ... She tests the edges of her conscience, of her behaviour, of her loyalty, of her relationships, and of herself.

Episode 2 of Homeland season 8 is titled Catch and Release. Facebook/Homeland

What lies ahead for Saul?

The official synopsis for episode 2 of Homeland season 8 says that Saul will find hope. But things may not sail smoothly for him because Gansa has teased a "lot of tension" between Carrie and Saul in the new season. During an interview with TV Line, the executive producer said Carrie and Saul will have to go through a "lot of conflicts" as they move forward.

"Homeland was really created as a meditation upon the Saul and Carrie relationship. That is, the mentor and the protégé... That's really the centerpiece of Season 8. The Carrie/Saul story really does resolve in the last season," Gansa added.

Meanwhile, the Entertainment President of Showtime - Gary Levine - teased a "breathless" final season for the spy thriller. He said the first few episodes of this season will take viewers through a "surprising" and "moving ride" with the CIA team. According to him, the show is heading towards its conclusion through these episodes.