Super Junior's Shindong loses 31 kg without workout; how did the K-pop star do so?

Shindong ditched work out and practiced healthy dieting while he attended shoots every day. Here is the secret of Super Junior star losing 31 kg in 3 months

Super Junior's Shindong posted his pictures and fans were amazed as the star lost 31 kg (68 pounds) in just three months, that too without working out or surgery. Shindong's transformation was clearly visible with the picture he posted on the occasion of Heechul's 15th anniversary. The caption read: "#Is it just your 15th anniversary? #I'm joining him soon."

Shindong posted a picture of himself holding a lunchbox with Heechul's face on it to celebrate his friend's 15 years of debut. In just three months, Shindong lost 68 pounds by keeping a healthy diet. His motto is 'eating equal amounts of food, getting a good night's sleep, and pacing his meal times.'

Shindong's weight loss motto

Shindong Wikimedia Commons

How Shindong weighed 116 kg when he started the diet and now he weighs 85 kg and the difference is immense. Shindong is busy with variety shows and maintains his diet schedule and practices it strictly. In one of the interviews, he had said that he checks his weight twice a day – just after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

He believes sleep also plays an important role in weight loss. So he sleeps around 11 pm and wakes up by 7 am. He also practices keeping five hours gap between breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep. He strictly follows the rule of eating an equal amount of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Losing more weight every day and seeing the changes while checking weight every morning is important according to Shindong.

Shindong avoids working out

Speaking about work out and surgery Shindong had said that he did not want people to get suspicious about his ways of weight loss. He says that he avoids working out deliberately. Though working out helps one lose weights faster, it would be suspicious to lose weight that fast, he says.

Also not in favour of plastic surgery and any other medical methods, he said that he was proud that he was following natural methods to lose weight. Instead of going on leave and coming back fit and slim, Shindong believes in doing everyday work (attending shoots every day) and showing people how can one lose weight naturally while going about their day-to-day work.

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