Here is why Kim So Eun can never date Kang Ha Neul in real life

Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun know each other for over 10 years now, former classmates also acted in the 2014 film Morning Grave

Actress Kim So Eun spoke about her friendship with Kang Ha Neul and explained why she can never date the actor in real life. She has a no-romance rule with Kang Ha Neul. Kim So Eun has been friends with Kang Ha Neul for over 10 years. Both have known each other since college as they were classmates. The names of celebrity classmates with whom So Eun studied also include Park Shin Hye, Go Ara and Kim Bum.

Recently speaking at the show "Kim Young Chul's PowerFM" on SBS Power FM Radio, Kim So Eun was asked questions regarding her love life and love life. The actress spoke candidly and answered the queries comfortably. She was taking part in the show along with Seung Hoon, her co-actor in the upcoming movie Are You In Love. The filmy couple was in the studio to talk about the movie when Kim So Eun was asked about her relationship with Kang Ha Neul.

First rumour of them dating started making rounds in 2014

Kang Ha Neul Kim So Eun
Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun Instagram

The first rumour of Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun dating started making rounds in 2014 when both starred in the film Mourning Grave also known as The Girl's Grave in 2014. But both denied the rumours. Reacting to the question now, Kim So Eun said that she knows Kang Ha Neul from such long time as a friend that she considers him family. "We Are Family. Family can't date each other," she said.

She also said that she is still close with Kang Ha Neul but there are absolutely no chances of romantic involvement between the both. Speaking about Kang Ha Neul the actress also told that even in college, Kang Ha Neul was kind and took great care of friends. Though she was shy and not outgoing, Ha Neul is said to have good care of her and he was the one who approached her to be his friend.

"We are close with each other and we are friends," she clarified. Kim So Eun started acting in a minor role in the movie Two Guys in 2004 when she was a high school student. Later she went on to act in minor roles in a number of movies and dramas. But she started being noticed with her performance in the 2009 hit drama Boys Over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho where she played female protagonist's best friend. This second major role in the drama landed her in one of the major roles in He Who can't Marry in the same year.