Here is Why Kim Seo Hyung Chose to Play Lesbian Character In 'Mine': Ending Explained

'Mine' was not about sexual minorities, but about pure love between two individuals, said Kim Seo Hyung about her character Jung Seo Hyun in the tvN drama.

After the success of Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin starrer mafia drama Vincenzo, women-centric drama Mine proved its mettle by crossing the double-digit rating.

The tvN drama has also won praise from critics for its unusual plot and stellar performances by top actors Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Hyun Wook and Ok Ja Yeon. Kim Seo Hyung's character as Jung Seo Hyun is being touted as the best role of the actor's career. Here is why Kim Seo Hyung chose to play lesbian character in the hit drama Mine.

The tvN drama Mine is about ambitious women who overcome society's prejudices to find what is truly theirs. Lee Bo Young played the role of Seo Hee Soo, a former top actress and the wife of the second son of the chaebol family Hyowon Group, and Kim Seo Hyung starred as Jung Seo Hyun, the wife of the eldest son of Hyowon Group. The drama also gives an insight into the complex life of wealthy people.

Kim Seo Hyung
Mine actress Kim Seo Hyung. Instagram

The last and final episode aired on June 27 recorded an average of 10.5 percent and 11.2 percent ratings nationwide and metropolitan area respectively. Let us find out what made Kim Seo Hyung say that of all her recent projects, this is the drama that made her feel good even while filming it.

Kim Seo Hyung said that when she read the script, she thought that she needed to be careful and responsible about the way she was going to portray the character. It can be noted that in the drama she plays the role of a charismatic woman, married to the eldest son of chaebol family, but is in love with another woman.

It's All About Love, Romance

"When I first read the script, I thought that I needed to be careful and responsible about how I portrayed the character. But I didn't feel a sense of pressure or intimidation about playing a character who is a sexual minority. I thought that if I had the chance, I could do it well," said Kim Seo Hyung.

The main factor that drew her attention was the beautiful love story. "I chose the drama because it was a romance. Rather than a story about sexual minorities, it was a story about love. As an actor, I felt a sense of ambition in playing this character. Her background is also quite different from mine. Every actor aspires to play a cool role like this. When I thought about playing this kind of character in the past, I always believed that I could do it comfortably. That's why I chose this project," added Kim Seo Hyung.

Mine Ending Explained

The drama ends with Jung Seo Hyun [Kim Seo Hyung] becoming the president of Hyowon Group and also reuniting with her first love Choi Su Ji [played by Kim Jung Hwa. Though she had given up on pursuing her love, she decides to go for it at the end and tells Cho Su Ji, "I'll go to wherever you are."

This does not mean she will give up on everything else to pursue her love. Kim Seo Hyung hoped that the ending did not shock the audience. "I don't think that going to find Su Ji necessarily means that she'll achieve true love. I think that she's ready to meet Su Ji in some form, whether it's friendship or something else, and that's also her way of facing up to her own self. Within Hyowon Group, Seo Hyun found what's truly hers. I hope that it didn't end on an exclamation point for viewers," she said explaining the ending of the drama.

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