Kim Jung Hwa Apologies for her Husband's Anti LGBTQ Comment; You Eun Sung Deletes Controversial Post

Kim Jung Hwa has lent an apology to the public following her husband You Eun Sung's anti-LGBTQ comment on social media. He has also reportedly deleted the conversation after facing the backlash.

Kim Jung Hwa
Kim Jung Hwa. Kim Jung Hwa Instagram

Through her agency, SALT Entertainment, the actress has given the apology. "We apologize for causing concern. Please understand that it is difficult for us to state our official position," her agency is quoted as telling to Sports Kyunghyang by Koreaboo.

The Controversy:
It all started after Christian groups objecting to her role of Lesbian in tvN's Mine. Her husband was targeted by the conservative Christians on a social media site. Since he was a contemporary Christian music composer and missionary, many asked his view of his wife doing the role of a Lesbian as it is against Christianity.

Responding to a user's comment, You Eun Sung said that she was just performing the role. "Also, this drama isn't actually about homosexuality. After agonizing for some time, she returns back to normal at the end of the drama," Koreaboo quotes him as explaining to a netizen.

To another user, You Eun Sung said, "If you watch until the end of the series, you will understand. I don't want to spoil the K-drama so I can't say too much, but one person goes through agony before going back to normal. That's the kind of story it is, not homosexuality.

He concluded by stating that the couple was against homosexuality which angered the netizens from Korea as well as outside the country.

As the situation seemed like going out of control, the actress decided to give an apology for her husband's comments which have now been deleted by him. Nonetheless, her fans have felt sad for her as she had not made any mistake and she is apologising for someone's else unwarranted remark.

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