Here is Why GOT7's BamBam Can't Look Directly into KPOP Idol Sunmi's Eyes!

GOT7's BamBam reunited with Sunmi after he signed with Abyss Company after leaving JYP Entertainment!

GOT7's BamBam is one of the most popular KPop idols. When fans try really hard to get a glimpse of BamBam, the singer confessed that he still doesn't have courage to look directly into the eyes of one girls. That girl is KPop idol Sunmi. BamBam shocked his fans with this confession and here is what the singer meant by not having enough courage!

Both BamBam and Sunmi were guests at the SBS PowerFM's Cultwo Show on August 12. Rated as the number 1 radio show, the wide range of listeners, especially BamBam's fans were shocked when he revealed that he was shy to look into Sunmi's eyes directly.

BamBam Sunmi
GOT7's BamBam and Kpop idol Sunmi took part in the SBS radio show Cultwo. Instagram

BamBam's Explanation!

BamBam immediately understood the mood and gave an explanation. "I'm still too shy to look at Sunmi directly in her eyes. She feels like a celebrity, in my heart. When Sunmi debuted, I was probably 9-10 years old. She is a sunbae and also a star. Currently, it has become a lot more comfortable. But I still can't look at her eyes," said BamBam.

Sunmi looked surprised when BamBam told this while trying to look into her eyes. It can be noted that Sunmi and BamBam are known to be friends. Both were under the same agency [JYP Entertainment] till recently. Both came out of the label after their contract ended recently. Sunmi had signed with Abyss Company after leaving JYP Entertainment.

BamBam Reunites with Sunmi

Recently, after the entire GOT7 team left JYP Entertainment, each member signed with a different agency. BamBam signed with Abyss Company and was reunited with Sunmi. Both the idols were born on May 2. So this year, the label celebrated birthday's of BamBam [who turned 24] and Sunmi [who turned 29] together. Both the artists donned black outfits and their picture was captioned: 'People born in May'. Thus this was the second time BamBam and Sunmi reunited for a programme after celebrating their birthdays.

Fans were relieved to hear BamBam's clarification as they concluded it as BamBam showing respect to his sunbae. With this all speculations about BamBam's feelings for Sunmi died down online. The show was a hit as along with BabBam's confession, comedian Shin Bong Sun's puns also made the listeners burst out into laughter. Shin Bong Sun had joined the celebrity duo as a special radio DJ.

The show was hosted by Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Gyun. The show started in May 1, 2006 has been a favourite of listeners for over 15 years now. The specialty of the show is that it is conducted in the presence of the audience. The show is special because it is not only about introducing songs, but also about presenting candid and ingenious stories about celebrities.

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