Here is Why GOT7's BamBam Unfollowed Park Jin Young On Social Media; Truth Revealed

BamBam spoke to Vogue Korea and revealed his true relationship with JY Park and said deleting photos on social media was due to misunderstanding.

The news of JYP Entertainment CEO Jin Yong Park unfollowing GOT7 members on social media had resulted in Kpop singer BamBam deleting all his pictures with JY Park from Instagram. This had led to speculations that all was not well with GOT7 and JYP Entertainment. Fuelling these speculations, in January 2021 JYP Entertainment announced that all the GOT7 members would not renew their contracts. GOT7 member BamBam opened up to Vogue Korea and revealed the truth about GOT7's relationship with JY Park.

Answering a query about leaving JYP Entertainment and deleting all his photos with JY Park, BamBam agreed that he felt a bit 'salty' when JY Park unfollowed him on Instagram. But explaining the situation, he confirmed that it was a misunderstanding.

GOT7 BamBam
GOT7 member BamBam. Instagram

Misunderstanding Cleared Over Dinner

"Oh, PD-nim [JY Park] unfollowed me first – by accident. I asked him about that while having KBBQ. He said he had no idea. He's not that savvy with Instagram. I deleted the picture because I felt a bit salty – and I told him that. He laughed at me so hard. So I want everyone to know now, there's no beef there. I am always and forever welcome at JYP to eat at the organic restaurant they have there. I've got unlimited access," said BamBam.

He also spoke about his current relationship with JY Park. He said that the decision of GOT7 leaving JYP Entertainment was not taken in haste but the issue was being considered both by the members and the agency for over a year. BamBam said that even though the GOT7 members have left the agency, they still have good relationship with the company.

"We discussed it for over a year. At first, we all felt a bit confused about where we should go from there. It was the first time leaving for all of us. We ended up making the decision that works best for GOT7 and JYP both. Anyway, I recently got to hang out and eat with JYP PD-nim not too long ago," BamBam said.

BamBam's revelation of him eating with JY Park has come as a surprise to many of his fans. Elaborating on the same, the singer said: "PD-nim bought me KBBQ. He said, 'You're still family to JYP. Let's work on a collab later.' It felt encouraging. It's almost like I graduated from JYP and now adventuring into the new world. Now that I'm with a new agency, I have new friends. But I will never, ever forget my roots at JYP."

BamBam also expressed his gratitude to JY Park and said that Park Jin Young had told BamBam that he will always be a part of the JYP family and that they should collaborate in the future. This is said to have touched the heart of BamBam.

GOT7 Members' New Agencies

Currently, GOT7 members have signed with different agencies. However, the group has declared that they are still GOT7 and there is no plan to disband.

BamBam has joined ABYSS COMPANY, Mark is with Creative Artists Agency, Jay B has officially joined Jay Park's H1GHR Label, Yugyeom has signed with AOMG, Jinyoung has got into BH Entertainment, Youngjae is with Sublime Artist Agency, and Jackson has signed up with his own agency Team Wang.