'Help, I Have Been Stabbed!': Dying Davide Giri Cried in Pain after Being Stabbed by Vincent Pinkney

Surveillance footage of the 20-minute rampage on Thursday night shows Pinkney stabbing Giri in the gut as he cried in pain.

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Columbia University student Davide Giri, 30, who was stabbed to death at the Morningside Park in a random attack last week, desperately cried for help after he was fatally injured, according to new court papers. "Help, I have been stabbed!" Giri yelled in pain as he stumbled off after being stabbed in the gut by Vincent Pinkney, a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court revealed.

Giri's haunting last words were shared during the arraignment of Pinkney on Sunday. Pinkey, 25, a gang member, was on parole at the time of the killing and is also accused of stabbing an Italian PhD scholar who survived few minutes later in Manhattan.

Haunting Last Words

Davide Giri
Davide Giri Twitter

Giri yelled in pain and was crying for help after being stabbed by Pinkney. On Sunday, court saw the chilling footage of surveillance video that shows Giri, who was from Italy, being approached from behind and being stabbed in the Upper Manhattan park near Columbia's campus shortly before 11 pm.

The 20-minute rampage shows Pinkney stabbing Giri in the gut as he cried in pain, "Help, I have been stabbed!" Pinkney then flees the scene. A few minutes later he also wounded another Italian man, court papers show.

The surveillance footage shows "a man wearing a red hoodie under a dark jacket approach Davide Giri from behind, make a stabbing motion, and then Giri runs away" before falling to the ground, the complaint says. The man in the hoodie is believed to be Pinkney, who was arrested form Central Park less than half an hour after stabbing Giri and seriously wounding another tourist.

Vincent Pinkney
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Minutes later, the man stabs another person "in the torso multiple times," the document says. The victim was hospitalized for "several stab wounds to the back and torso including one that punctured his internal organs."

Killed Mercilessly

Pinkney, 25, has been charged with murder, attempted murder, assault and attempted assault, with the court told of surveillance camera footage said to document the horrific knife attack. Pinkney is a member of Bloods gang off-shoot, Everybody Killas and was out on parole for a 2015 gang assault, police said.

On Thursday night, Pinkney stabbed Giri, a PhD candidate in computer science, with a large kitchen knife and fled the scene. The random attack is believed to be done with the motive of robbery. However, the stabbing turned fatal. Doctors at St. Luke's Medical Center, where Giri was pronounced dead after the attack, said he "suffered a stab wound that punctured his vena cava and caused him to die," the complaint said.

Davide Giri
Davide Giri Twitter

However, Pinkney didn't say anything during the court proceedings. He looked subdued throughout the proceeding. The alleged killer's lawyer asked that he undergo a psych exam and be placed in protective custody. The judge agreed to both requests before remanding Pinkney to Riker's Island.

Pinkney had had his arraignment postponed for more than a day because he claimed he had stomach pains and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

During Thursday's rampage, Pinkney, who has a lengthy rap sheet dating back to 2012, also threatened a couple walking their dog, authorities have said. The threatened man helped cops nab the suspect.