Heather Bryant sets the temperatures soaring in a Victoria's Secret lingerie

Brunette beauty Heather Bryant unzips her jacket showing off her Victoria's Secret lingerie and fishnet

The young and beautiful Heather Bryant has spiced up her Instagram handle during the lockdown period by posting hot and sizzling pictures of herself sporting Victoria's Secret lingerie and posing in bikinis by the farm.

The North Carolina glam doll has mostly stayed at home during the quarantine period sharing sultry images and her followers are enjoying every bit of it. Her new pictures have received the maximum likes and comments and it looks like the lockdown has come as a blessing to several Instagram models.

Just recently, the young brunette with glasses sported a picture unzipping her orange jacket and showing off her fishnet and black Victoria's Secret lingerie underneath. She captioned the image as, ''Here, I have a heart'' and shared the same outfit in a different angle with the caption, ''Hang in there. Rick and Morty will be back soon.'' Apart from showing off her latest lingerie, Heather also shares pictures of herself playing video games along with holding magazines and music albums of her favourite band Tool.

On dealing with being at home during coronavirus

Heather Bryant Black Bra Victorias Secret
Instagram grab/ Heather Bryant

Heather Bryant revealed that she mostly stays at home and follows the government's orders to be safe from the coronavirus and stated that when she does step out to buy daily essentials, she follows all precautionary measure to keep her safe and is mindful of those around her. She said on Instagram, ''Well for the most part I've been just staying inside and when I do have to leave my home, I do what I can to remain mindful of others. Keep safe distances and what not.''

She revealed that quite a lot of people are struggling financially, mentally and physically during these testing times and thanked her followers for keeping her finances alive in Patreon after she left her full-time job at JC Pennye's recently.

''A lot of people are struggling at this time. I'm very grateful I have a Patreon where people can provide financial support so that I can continue doing what I love. Without my supporters I'm not sure how I would have been able to survive during this pandemic. I use to work at JC Penney's. This pandemic could very well be the final straw for mall department stores.''

Coronavirus in the USA

The United States is the hardest hit by coronavirus as 1,292,850 people have been reported positive and 76,938 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic. U.S President Donald Trump has ordered to shut the borders with no flights moving in and out of the country and enforced a nationwide lockdown by the end of March. However, a few states are deciding to ease the lockdown in phase wise to keep the economy alive.

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