Heartbroken BTS Jimin, Seo Hyo Rim, Han Chae Ah respond to 16-month baby Jung In's death due to child abuse

South Korean celebrities have joined the netizens in mourning the death of 16-month old baby named Jung In, a victim of child abuse. Jimin, a member from the BTS, actresses Seo Hyo Rim, Hwang In Young and Han Chae Ah among others who have lent their support to the online campaign demanding justice.

Jimin and Han Chae Ah
Jimin and Han Chae Ah. Instagram

It was all started after the SBS threw light at the incident in its latest episode of 'Unanswered Questions'. Netizens quickly responded to the incident using the hashtag - #SorryJungin – on Twitter and Instagram. The enraged people slammed the adoptive parents Jang and Ahn while seeking severe punishment for allegedly killing the baby.

The Death:

The SBS episode stated that Jung In was adopted by Jang and Ahn when she was six-month old. Her adoptive parents are accused of being heartless and physically torturing the baby, regularly.

Jung In was taken to the hospital last October by the adoptive parents, who claimed that the baby fell from the sofa. However, the medical reports claimed that the baby had suffered multiple fractures in her arms and legs apart from major organ damage and internal bleeding. Thus indicating that the child was subject to a lot of physical abuse.

Jimin's express sadness over 16-month old Jung In's death
Jimin reacts to the death of 16-month old Jung In's death. Instagram

The episode further claimed that the cops had failed to take action against the parents even after Jung In's day-care teacher and paediatrician had suspected a possible physical abuse case on three occasions.

Han Chae Ah Reacts to 16-month old Jung In's death
Han Chae Ah Reacts to 16-month old Jung In's death. Instagram

This has left the netizens angry and fuming who have held the police directly responsible for the death. Many are condemning the incident on Twitter and Instagram demanding strict punishment for the parents. Also, people want disciplinary action to be taken against the police.

The trial begins on 13 January as 'I'mSorryJungIn' trends gaining momentum on social media sites. The SBS is using this opportunity to create awareness about child abuse.

Netizens' Reaction:

Here is how heartbroken netizens reacted to the incident:

violet: She was too young to experience these terrible things, she still had her whole life ahead of her and this was taken from her by her adoptive parents. What a horrible world, you're in a better place now sweetheart. #justiceforjungin #SorryJungin #RestInPeace

Jung In death
Netizens' Reaction to Jung In's Death. Twitter

hylla;imnida: You deserved better baby, fly high.
World is so cruel for you. Keep smiling in heaven.
#SorryJungin #정인아_미안해

Netizens' Reaction to Jung In's Death
Netizens' Reaction to Jung In's Death. Twitter

Jennie's random picWinking face: This broke my heart into million piecesBroken heart.I can't believe that they did this to you. I'm sorry little angel you don't deserve themPleading faceBaby angel. Fly high baby and you may now Rest in paradise.
Let's spread this please

Míss♔Joonìe❞: Just look at her Pretty smilePleading face!! #SorryJungin this world don't deserve a beautiful child like you!! But you are in safer hands now as you are with God!!Pleading faceMay your soul rest in peaceDove of peace!! May you get all the happiness, love and care in HeavenPensive facethat you deserveRevolving hearts

BOYSTORY Global: We hope she gets the justice she deserves. A child's life matters. What her step parents did to her... are too inhumane.
May you rest in peace little angel. We will try to change this cruel world into a better place.
-#boystory #정인아_미안해 #sorryjungin

FullsunᵈʳᵉᵃᵐSeedling: Poor child was mentally and physically abused for months by two monsters! She lost her life. Justice must prevail!!!
Please spread awareness!
The world was too cruel for you. Fly high Angel
#SorryJungin #정인아미안해

ᴮᴱCeleste: You may have taken her body, but her soul is alive in all of us. The World is calling out her name. May that be marked in you forever! #정인아_미안해 #SorryJungin