HDHomeRun for iOS is now available to download [LINK HERE]

With the HDHomeRun app, you can watch, pause and record live TV broadcast.

HDHomeRun is finally arriving for iPhone and iPad devices via the App Store. While it is surprising to have the official app in just a week of testing, developer SiliconDust is quite self-assured of the app for releasing it sooner than expected.

HDHomeRun allows iOS device users to watch, pause and record live TV broadcast. Unlike what many fans first thought, the app is not a free television for any device. HDHomeRun is built around the tuner box to accommodate live streaming of TV programs.

The app supports live TV broadcast via any cable network and over-the-air in high-definition format. On top of that, it does not require any external media player or software to function. Hence, HDHomeRun is packed with all these functionalities. The sole exception is those channels protected under digital rights management (DRM).

Primarily, the app houses a comprehensive list of networks, program progress bar, program images, show cards and channel logos. Thus, it boasts a similar viewing experience, only that it is more convenient and mobile.

As for the requirements to keep HDHomeRun in full capacity, one needs to have an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 10.3.3, compatible HDHomeRun box and a home network. As of now, iOS 11 is not yet supported but is expected in the pipeline already.

Last week, it can be recalled that SiliconDust called for best testers for the app. In a span of a week, the developer has officially released it rather than putting it under testing for a month or so. This implies that SiliconDust is now confident of the HDHomeRun's performance.

HDHomeRun can be downloaded for free via this link here.