Paid iOS apps are now free: Check here

Get your phone and download these premium iOS apps now while they're still free.

ios apps of the week

This week, Apple brings you another batch of premium apps that you can get from iTunes and iOS App Store for free. The sale is only up for a limited time so better get your phone now and download these goodies.

Below are four paid iOS apps that you can get now for free:


For people constantly navigating on a regular basis, knowing covered distance in mind can be a daunting task. Speedometer is an app to show your speed, traveled distance, trip time and map.

In a new update, Speedometer is made available in 15 languages. Added features include acceleration clocking, custom speed limits with five varying sounds, altitude graphic, compass, daily trip data recording and more. The app also supports Apple Watch.

Download it here.


iTunes App Store

Are you getting tired of the complexities of your listing app? Meet, Listify! This app uses simple navigation methods to effectively manage your lists—may it be for tasks, shopping, inventories, goals, projects and what not.

Listify boasts a colourful and clean interface that will get you pumped up and motivated every time. And the best thing is, cloud syncing takes place in real-time and data entry is as fast as lightning.

Download it here.


legend for ios
iTunes App Store

If you think plain texts are boring, nobody can blame you. But your photos, videos and GIF need not to be as boring as plain texts. With Legend, you can add amusing animations to your texts to render them in motion.

You can be a master motion designer in three easy steps: Write your message, choose an animation style and add colour and desired background. Voila! You are now a step closer to sharing it with your family and friends.

Download it here.

Big Truck

big truck for ios
iTunes App Store

As a sole game in the pack, you might want to get Big Truck while it's free. Simple and fun, the core mechanics revolve around driving the truck across craggy terrains. You are loaded with goods so the goal is to reach your destination with the required number of goods intact.

Sure thing, Big Truck can teach you a thing or two about carefulness. Big Truck has recently been updated with a few modifications in game logic, level screen and system profile.

Download it here.

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