'Vaccine-Murdered People' Bodies to be Liquified and Sprayed as Crop Fertilizer in Wisconsin? Here is the Truth

A viral post about Wisconsin passing a bill that legalizes the practice of liquefying bodies of 'vaccine murdered people' has been found to be a hoax. The fake claim also insists that the liquified remains will be sprayed on food crops in the form of fertilizer.

There are a number of articles and videos that have been in circulation on social media to amplify the controversial claim. The recent claim started after the Wisconsin Senate Bill 228 mentioned the process of alkaline hydrolysis to cremate human remains.

human remains
Viral image circulating on the social media. Twitter

Liquid Human Remains as Crop Fertilizers ?

Following that, Truth 11 recently published an article titled "Now 20 US states liquefy vaccine-murdered people and spread their flesh goo on food crops as "fertilizer".

"Now 20 US states have legalized the practice of liquefying dead people, dumping their flesh goo down the sewage drains, harvesting the sewage as "biosludge" and spreading it on food crops as a form of fertilizer..... States like Wisconsin are adding liquefied human "flesh goo" remains to the biosludge cocktail, actually dumping human DNA and vaccine-originating RNA fragments onto food crops, apparently oblivious to the trans-genetic process of "transfection" that may wreak havoc on the sustainability of future food crops and soil microbiomes," read the article.

The same theory was also amplified in a video created by Mike Adams, a self-claimed Health Ranger, and uploaded on Bit Chute. Apart from making dubious claims about the ingredients present in the COVID-19 vaccine, Adams insisted that the remains of those "killed by the vaccines" are "liquefied" and dumped on food crops. He based his claims on the legislation.

Human Remain Will Not be Turned Into 'Biosludge'

Debunking the claims being made by these conspiracy theorists, Lead Stories reported that the Wisconsin Senate Bill 228 does not allows for liquefied human remains to be turned into "biosludge" and dumped on food crops.

The bill, which is trying to make legal the use of alkaline hydrolysis to cremate human remains, has not been passed or signed into law yet," the report further stated. Alkaline hydrolysis is a process that uses water, alkaline chemicals, pressure, and heat to reduce human remains for final disposition.

In a communique to the outlet, Michelle Bryant, chief of staff to Wisconsin state Sen. Lena Taylor said that there is nothing in the bill that allows that. "There is nothing that says you're going to be taking this and using it as fertilizer. There is nothing in the bill that allows that. There are rules in place that regulate what happens with the remains. Nothing that lends itself to the kinds of things that are being said," she said.

"There was no evidence that other states where the alkaline hydrolysis cremation method is allowed have used the remains to fertilize crops. There are laws that talk about the lawful way to dispose of remains. Remains are not dumped into the sewer system. They are regulated and there are laws as to how to dispose of remains," she added.

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