Han Ye Seul Spotted With Boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae Returning From Trip to Jeju Island

Han Ye Seul and Ryu Sung Jae were spotted holding hands at Gimpo Airport, returning from their trip to Jeju Island.

Actress Han Ye Seul was spotted with boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae when she was returning from her trip to Jeju Island. Han Ye Seul had to fight a lot of rumor-based threats after she revealed her boyfriend to the public. It looks like the actress has decided to fight rumors head on and her trip with boyfriend to Jeju Island is a proof that the couple is willing to take their relationship to the next level.

Allkpop stated that Sports Chosun released the photographs of Han Ye Seul walking hand-in-hand with boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae. The couple was spotted inside the flight. Sports Chosun reported: "Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend have already arrived in Seoul on a flight from Jeju to Gimpo Airport on the June 14."

Han Ye Seul
A file photo from Han Ye Seul's social media account. Instagram

Reports claimed that the couple wearing black hats arrived in Gimpo while sitting side by side in the business class of Korean Air. The report also observed that Han Ye Seul was always seen wearing colourful attire, especially while travelling to vacation spots like Jeju Island. But this time, she was spotted wearing a simple dress, probably to avoid drawing attention. She was seen wearing simple jeans and a loose T-shirt.

While getting off the flight she had covered her face with mask and was seen holding hands with Ryu Sung Jae. He was seen wearing all-black achromatic fashion attire. These pictures were clicked off guard, and it looks like Han Ye Seul did not want to create more troubles for her boyfriend. Though the actress posted pictures of her trip to Jeju Island, she refrained from posting her pictures with boyfriend on the Island.

Ryu Sung Jae Controversy

Days after introducing Ryu Sung Jae to the public, Han Ye Seul had received negative comments about her boyfriend being 10 years younger to her. But her fans stood by her side and supported her relationship. Soon, a Youtube channel known as Gar Garo Research Institute released a video and claimed that Han Ye Seul's boyfriend was working as a male escort.

Actress took to social media to deny any such claims. She clarified that he was working as a physical trainer. The video made by former reporter Kim Yong Ho had also claimed that Han Ye Seul was involved in the Burning Sun scandal. She refuted these claims too.

But soon, Dispatch Korea published a report stating that Ryu Sung Jae had worked as male escort and that Han Ye Seul had met him at an adult entertainment bar for the first time. It had quoted five witnesses and made claims that Han Ye Seul even tried to get Ryu Sung Jae into acting but gave up when it did not work out. The report had stated that she was ready to protect him to any extent and had even tried hard to delete his past work life from the social media.

Han Ye Seul has refuted all these claims and warned that she will take legal action against the Garo Garo Research Institute Youtubers for spreading fake news and defaming her boyfriend. Following the controversy, Ryu Sung Jae has restricted his social media accounts.