Hamas Terrorists Roasted Babies Alive in Oven During Massacre, Israeli First Responder Claims as He Describes the Barbaric Acts [WATCH]

Moskowitz's testimony is the latest in a string of graphic allegations from Israel regarding the savage acts of Hamas militants on October 7.

An Israeli first responder to the terror attack on October 7 has claimed that Hamas militants burned a newborn in an oven in a shocking video statement. Asher Moskowitz, of the United Hatzalah first responder organization, described the extent of the brutal scenes as Israeli forces continued their forward march toward Gaza in their ground offensive.

In a video testimony, Moskowitz said that on October 7, he saw the bones of a newborn that had been cooked to death in an oven by Hamas militants at Kibbutz Kfar Aza where more than 100 civilians were killed. Moskowitz also described seeing the baby arriving in a small bag, burned and swollen.

Harrowing Claims

Asher Moskowitz
Asher Moskowitz described the harrowing scenes he witnessed of decapitated babies X

Moskowitz said that he saw the remains of an infant who had allegedly been killed in an oven at Kibbutz Kfar Aza. "The sights that we saw were horrendous," he said, explaining that he was part of a group that saw bodies arriving for identification in the aftermath of the attack.

"My name is Asher Moskowitz, UH333, deputy head of the Elad branch and an active member of our holy work of saving lives," he says, introducing himself. In the video, he appeared wearing a yellow high-visibility police vest, positioned with his back to a door.

"On the fourth day of the war, I visited the Shura base. I came to ensure the medical care of the families who were told to get information about the fate of their loved ones and were given a place outside the base to wait."

He continues by saying that during the day, his crew was informed that five or six trucks carrying several bodies from Kfar Aza were on their way. These remains, he continues, were "unfortunately horribly disfigured with severe injuries, including people who were burned alive."

He then said, "We went to the base to lend a hand and help. I, as a volunteer member of the Achi, which is the Zaka branch of the police, came with a few friends and we assisted and carried dozens of bodies from the trucks to the identification rooms inside the base.

"The sights that we saw were horrendous. We saw dozens of scorched bodies so severe that the coroners said it would be difficult to identify them, and luckily they had DNA samples to use for identification.

Asher Moskowitz
Asher Moskowitz X

"As we continued our work, to our great chagrin, we also carried off the rucks small bags with body parts, really small bags.

"Among them was a small bag which we assumed held either body parts or the body of a baby and we put it in one of the rooms there," he said.

"As they opened the bag there was a gruesome sight, what appeared to be a baby." He said the "body was really swollen [and had] what looked like a heating element attached.

"They told us afterward, after we left the room and they had worked on the body to identify it [that] after the terrorists murdered the parents in a very gruesome way at home, they then took the baby and literally put him into the kitchen oven.

Hamas burnt babies
Burnt and decapitated bodies of Israeli babies after they were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists X

"While the baby was still alive they put him into the oven and they cooked the baby alive," Moskowitz said. "The body was burned and unfortunately, as far as I could see, the body became swollen as a result [a] heating element of the oven became attached to the body itself.

"We must show the world these gruesome sights and to tell the world that it impossible to deny what these savages did," he says.

Inhuman Act Continues

Moskowitz's testimony is the latest in a string of graphic allegations from Israel regarding the savage acts of Hamas militants on October 7. Hamas has been accused in the past of killing expectant mothers and decapitating infants.

Hamas burnt babies
One of the photos released by Israel show the charred body of a baby X

It comes as Israel claimed that the second airstrike on the Jabalia refuge camp in a day claimed the life of another senior Hamas commander.

A strike on the Gaza refugee camp termed a "terrorist stronghold" allegedly "eliminated" Muhammad A'sar, the commander of Hamas' anti-tank missile squad.

The IDF has shared dramatic videos depicting the moment of an explosion at a northern Gazan Hamas facility, which Israel alleges killed A'sar.

The terror group's leader was held accountable by the IDF for "numerous anti-tank missile attacks against civilians and IDF soldiers."

Hamas beheads babies

Ghazi Hamad, the leader of Hamas, told Iranian TV that his organization will not let up until Israel is destroyed.

The head of Hamas continued, saying that their horde of goons is prepared to carry out October 7-style attacks indefinitely, until the little Middle Eastern state is completely devoid of Jewish residents.

"Nobody should blame us for the things we do," he said. "On October 7, October ten, October one million – everything we do is justified."