Biden Urges "Pause" in Israel-Hamas Conflict to Free Hostages

The US Leader is facing criticism from various quarters for his support to Israel

In a recent development, US President Joe Biden has called for a temporary halt in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, with the primary aim of securing the release of over 240 hostages currently held in the Gaza Strip. However, President Biden has stopped short of endorsing a full ceasefire.

Joe Biden

The US leader has been facing criticism from various quarters, including progressive groups and Muslim and Arab Americans, for his support of Israel's campaign against Hamas, which has tragically resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians in Gaza. During a political fundraiser in Minneapolis, President Biden was interrupted by a protester who demanded an immediate ceasefire. In response, President Biden stated, "I think we need a pause."

"A pause means give time to get the prisoners out," President Biden emphasized.

Additionally, President Biden took credit for persuading Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow time for the release of hostages before launching a ground invasion. He also played a role in convincing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to permit the evacuation of foreigners and wounded Palestinians from Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Notably, Egypt recently opened the Rafah crossing, allowing an initial group of individuals, including some Americans, to escape the ongoing conflict.

Earlier, President Biden faced demonstrations in Minnesota due to his support for Israel's military offensive in response to the October 7th Hamas onslaught. The protesters at the fundraiser included a Jewish rabbi named Jessica Rosenberg.

"I understand the emotion," President Biden acknowledged. "This is incredibly complicated for the Israelis. It's incredibly complicated for the Muslim world as well," he added.

The US President reiterated his support for a two-state solution, which envisions the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. However, he also defended Israel's right to confront Hamas, a group designated as a terrorist organization by both the US and the European Union. This designation came after Hamas militants killed approximately 1,400 Israelis, primarily civilians, and took around 240 people hostage.

President Biden concluded by calling on Israel to conduct military operations "in a manner that is consistent with international humanitarian law, that prioritizes the protection of citizens."

In light of these developments, the situation remains complex, with President Biden's call for a temporary pause aiming to address the pressing issue of hostage release while not explicitly endorsing a comprehensive ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.