Hamas Terrorist Accepts Slaughtering Women and Children in Detailed Confession

Abu Rusha says, our orders were simply to kill everyone , we were not supposed to kidnap

In a chilling revelation, a dreaded terrorist and admitted member of Hamas, Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha, provided a disturbing account of his involvement in the massacre that took place in Israel on October 7. This shocking confession came to light through a recent interview video.

Abu Rusha

Abu Rusha, a member of Hamas' elite Nukhba special forces, openly discussed his role in these heinous acts in a video released by Israel's Shin Bet internal security department on Wednesday.

He disclosed that he and his comrades were assigned a sinister mission when they were deployed near the Gaza border in Kfar Aza. "Our mission was simple: to kill. We had no orders to kidnap; our sole objective was to kill every person we encountered and return," Abu Rusha stated.

Following this deadly encounter, the group sought refuge in orchards, hiding among the trees for nearly two hours. Later, they entered another house through a window, where they made a chilling discovery.

As he recounted the events of that fateful day, where more than 1,400 lives were lost, Abu Rusha described the chilling moment when he and his fellow gunmen mercilessly killed a group of children who were hiding from them. "We checked the house and heard the sounds of young children in the safe room. We shot at the safe room until we heard no more sounds," he recounted.

This video release comes at a time when Israel continues its airstrikes and ground invasions into Gaza, targeting Hamas militants.

Israel mounts attacks on Gaza
Israel mounts attacks on Gaza IANS

Abu Rusha revealed that he and his unit ambushed the residents of Kfar Aza on October 7, leaving a trail of burnt houses and civilian casualties. "We moved to the first house. After finding nothing, we set the exterior room on fire. Then someone came out to the garden with a water hose; we saw him, shot at him, and killed him," he admitted.

When questioned about whether killing children is permitted in Islam, Rusha firmly stated, "No," and added that children are not involved according to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.

The interview concluded with a poignant question: "Would your mother and father be proud of these actions?" To this, Rusha revealed that his parents were unaware of his affiliation with Hamas, expressing fear that his father would kill him if he discovered his involvement.

This shocking interview offers a rare insight into the harrowing acts of violence committed during the October 7 massacre in Israel, further heightening the tensions in the region.

This article was first published on November 2, 2023