Halloween 2023: 10 Best K-dramas of All Time to Watch This Year

Halloween 2023 is around the corner. People from various parts of the world, including the US and Canada, are gearing up to celebrate this occasion with friends and family. Every year, it is observed on the last day of this month (October 31). This year, Halloween falls on Tuesday. Preparations to have some fun with family and friends began a week ago. After enjoying some tricks and treats, drama lovers can watch spooky Korean dramas to wrap up the celebration.

Spooky Korean dramas like All Of Us Are Dead and Revenant can make this day extra special for K-drama lovers across the globe. But the scariest mini-series to keep you in the mood on the holiday is The Master's Sun. Let's Fight Ghost, The Ghost Detective, The Uncanny Counter, and Vampire Prosecutor are the other K-dramas to include in the list this holiday day.

Here is a list of the best K-dramas to watch this year:

All of Us Are Dead - The Netflix drama, starring Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Lomon, Yoo In Soo, Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Byung Chul, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Jeon Bae Soo, follows a group of high school students. It features the struggles of these students to survive after a zombie outbreak. The mini-series is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name.

Revenant - The SBS weekend drama focuses on the investigative journey of a possessed young woman and a professor who can see ghosts. It stars Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung. The mini-series is available on Disney+ in selected regions with subtitles for international K-drama lovers.

Halloween 2023
K-dramas to watch on Halloween Day 2023. SBS, tvN, KBS

Hotel del Luna - The tvN dark fantasy romantic comedy-drama revolves around a hotel that caters only to ghosts. Hong sisters -- Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran -- wrote the script for this mini-series. It features Lee Ji Eun and Yeo Jin Goo in lead roles. The mini-series is available with subtitles on Netflix for international K-drama fans.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed - The tvN fantasy romance drama captured the attention of K-drama lovers worldwide because of its unique plot. It focussed on the complicated relationship between a nine-tailed fox and a human. The mini-series features Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum in lead roles.

Kingdom - The Netflix horror thriller drama series created and written by Kim Eun Hee gained worldwide recognition for its appealing storyline. It is based on the webtoon series The Kingdom of the God by artist Yang Kyung Il and writer Kim Eun Hee. The mini-series follows a crown prince of Joseon named Lee Chang and focuses on his investigation of a mysterious illness. It stars Ju Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Doo Na, Kim Sang Ho, Kim Sung Kyu, and Kim Hye Jun.

The Ghost Detective - The KBS crime thriller drama features Choi Daniel, Park Eun Bin, and Lee Ji Ah. It follows Detective Lee Da Il as he tries to solve the mystery behind the death of his assistant's younger sibling. During his investigation, he runs into a mysterious woman named Sunwoo Hye.

The Uncanny Counter
The Uncanny Counter. The Uncanny Counter Facebook

Vampire Prosecutor - The OCN police procedure drama series features Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Won Jong, Lee Young Ah, and Kim Joo Young in lead roles. It revolves around the life of a prosecutor who hides his personality as a vampire and solves mysterious cases with his ability.

Let's Fight Ghost - The tvN horror mystery romantic comedy-drama is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. It features Ok Taec Yeon, Kim So Hyun, and Kwon Yu in lead roles. The mini-series tells the story of a romantic relationship between two ghost fighters.

The Uncanny Counter - The fantasy thriller drama series focuses on a group of paranormal hunters called counters. They fight against the evil spirits and try to bring peace in the world. It stars Jo Byeong Kyu, Yoo Jun Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yeom Hye Ran, Ahn Suk Hwan, and Yoo In Soo. The mini-series is based on the Kakao Webtoon webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi.

The Master's Sun - The SBS fantasy romantic-comedy drama is one of the all-time favorite spooky Korean dramas. It stars So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. Hong sisters -- Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran -- wrote the script for this mini-series. It focuses on the romantic relationship between a cold-hearted businessman and a woman who starts seeing ghosts after an accident.