Castaway Diva First Impression, Episode 1 (Premiere) Recap, Review

Castaway Diva episode 1 aired on tvN on Saturday (October 28) at 9:20 pm KST. The premiere episode introduced viewers to Lee Re as young Seo Mok Ha, Kim Hyo Jin as gorgeous top star Yoon Ran Joo, Kim Joo Hun as Lee Seo Joon, and Moon Woo Jin as Jung Ki Ho. People in Korea watched the mini-series on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the drama with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The first episode of this romantic comedy-drama took the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster of events. It revealed why Seo Mok Ha got stranded on an uninhabited island. The chapter also focused on the various challenges faced by the female lead in her teenage years. It explained why she dreamt about becoming a famous singer.

The K-drama began by featuring the first interaction between Seo Mok Ha and her favorite idol, Yoon Ran Joo. As a big fan of the top star, the high school student always dreamt of talking to the singer. When she got an opportunity, things did not work for her. The day she was expecting a call from the radio station to sing along with her favorite K-pop idol, her phone battery drained off.

Castaway Diva
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The Beginning of a New Relationship

Seo Mok Ha and her best friend Moon Young Joo asked everybody in school for a similar phone to borrow the battery for a few minutes. Their search took them to Jung Ki Ho, who asked them to pay for using his battery. Although the rude youngster acted tough, he allowed his classmate to use his phone battery for a few minutes. Thanks to him, the female lead spoke to her favorite idol for a few minutes. But she did not get to sing with Yoon Ran Joo because Jung Ki Ho took his battery back.

Determined to prove herself in front of her favorite idol, Seo Mok Ha planned to participate in a fan singing contest. Though the female lead was confident about her singing skills, she did not have the professional equipment to showcase them well. Once again, Jung Ki Ho reached out for her rescue. He helped her record the song and send it to the entertainment agency in Seoul.

Castaway Diva
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The Turning Point

Jung Ki Ho could not believe his ears when he heard Seo Mok Ha singing confidently in front of the camera. He edited the video well and decided to give it to her while she was getting bitten up by her drunkard father. The young boy waited for his classmate in school, but she took a day off. Since it was the last day to submit the video, Jung Ki Ho went to Seo Mok Ha's house. He witnessed something shocking. His father was questioning his classmate's father about child abuse.

The incident made Jung Ki Ho realize that Seo Mok Ha was also a victim of child abuse like him. At that moment, he decided to help his classmate fulfill her dreams. He submitted the video without asking her about it. She got a call from the agency the next day. Although the female lead was excited about the offer, she politely let go of the opportunity. Seo Mok Ha knew it was not easy to get out of the island to meet her idol in Seoul.

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The Unexpected

However, Jung Ki Ho did not give up on Seo Mok Ha. He asked her to contact him whenever she felt unsafe at home. They did not have to wait long to focus on a new beginning. The female lead ran out of her house to meet her classmate. They planned a trip to Seoul to meet Yoon Ran Joo. Unfortunately, Seo Mok Ha's father, Seo Jung Ho, found their plan. Jung Ki Ho did everything to keep his friend safe moments before Seo Jung Ho found his daughter on the ship to Seoul.

The high school student did everything to stop his friend's father from going after her. But Seo Jung Ho found his daughter on the ship. He went after her, and she jumped into the sea. Seo Jung Ho also fell into the sea while trying to stop his daughter from jumping into the sea. Although the rescue team searched for the father-daughter duo, they could not find them anywhere due to fog.

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The New Beginning

Castaway Diva episode 1 revolved around the teenage days of Seo Mok Ha until the last five minutes of the chapter. The episode focussed on the cozy life of the female lead on an uninhabited island towards the end. She saw a drone on the island towards the end of this episode. Episode 2 will focus on the rescue mission and the various challenges faced by her in the modern world.