Haha, on a recent episode of MBC's human documentary People is Good, revealed the amazing loyalty he has for his childhood friends. The episode was known as Haha's Infinite Challenge and it was covered with all sorts of challenges.

In the show, he revealed secrets about his career, his health and the health of the other cast members who suffered during the seven years of Running Man. But of all the stories he shared perhaps the most stricking one was how generous and loyal he is to his childhood friends.

Running Man friends
'Running Man' members Kim Jong-kook, Haha and Song Ji-hyo. instagram.com/sbs_runningman_sbs

He introduced his friends Park Geun Shik and Kim Sang Kyun, both of whom had big dreams going up. Haha revealed how the dreams of his friend Park Geun Shik, an aspiring action star, were shattered when he met with a motorcycle accident, and how his other friend Kim Sang Kyun's wishes of becoming professional golfer crushed after he broke his arm in a fall.

In such a situation Haha suggested that they all should live together and they will open up a restaurant. Fortunately, the restaurant became a success.

HaHa's close childhood friends thank him for changing their lives. However, Haha believes it's they who were there by his side during his darker times. They gave him the strength to become who he is today.

Haha revealed that during a very dark two years of his life, he had rebelled and let go of himself, it was his friend Park Geun Shik who took him to a pub for a drink, and later punched him.

Haha said: "I started wondering, how unruly was I being to make my kind friend want to punch me? It was an epiphany for me. I went home and cried out of sorrow for myself. But I am so thankful for that punch. That single punch changed my entire life."