'Gun-Loving' Missouri Governor Reportedly Seen 'Running Scared for His Life' from Kansas Chiefs Parade Shooting

Mike Parson
Mike Parson (left) and an image of paradegoers hiding for cover as the shooting erupted during the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade on Wednesday. Twitter

A witness reported a GOP governor who has been vocal about his support for firearms fleeing from the scene of the mass shooting at the Chiefs parade on Feb. 14, Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, one person was killed and 21 others, including children, were injured in a shooting that took place near the Chiefs Super Bowl parade to celebrate the team's latest NFL title. Three suspects have since been taken into custody.

Parson was 'Running Scared for His Life,' Had 'Army of Officers Protecting Him'

As reported by Raw Story, as the shooting erupted, one man reported seeing Missouri governor Mike Parson running scared. Patrick Quaife, identified on his social media as a KC alum, tweeted about it on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"I just ran away from a mass shooting at the Chiefs parade where I saw the Missouri governor (the gun lover below) running scared for his life next to me with an army of officers protecting him," Quaife wrote, including a photo of the governor supporting "responsible, law-abiding gun owners."

"I am so sick of these NRA funded politicians," Quaife added along with a support for gun control.

Parson Issues Statement on Shooting, Thanks First Responders

Parson released the following statement in the wake of the shooting:

"I want to start with a thank you to Kansas City Police along with other state and local first responders who were able to quickly take two individuals into custody and provide critical care to victims following today's shooting."

"This was a tragic conclusion to a celebration we had all looked forward to – none more than Teresa and me. The First Lady and I were present when shots broke out. Thanks to the professionalism of our security officers and first responders, Teresa and I and our staff are safe and secure."

"At this time, KCPD is asking everyone to clear the area as they respond to those in need of immediate medical assistance. We commend local first responders and our state Missouri Disaster Medical Assistance Team for their quick actions to stop the threat and treat those in need. State and local law enforcement were prepared, they had a plan, and they ran towards danger when presented, undoubtedly saving lives."

"Investigations are ongoing and the state will continue supporting our local law enforcement officials throughout the process. Teresa and I want to remind our Kansas City community, and anyone impacted by this incident that help is available through the 9-8-8 Crisis Hotline."