Gu Hye Sun in a Relationship? Actress Prepares Guest List for Wedding: Here is the Truth

Gu Hye Sun reveals she does not like clingy men and hints at having met a special person in her life.

Reports claim that Boys Over Flowers actress Gu Hye Sun might be in a relationship. The actress spoke about her equation with "that person" on the KakaoTV's reality show Face ID. Although the person's identity hasn't been revealed, Gu Hye Sun shared details about her love life.

Gu Hye Sun was battling depression after separating from husband Ahn Jae Hyun. She had avoided public appearances for over a year. However, she has now recovered and seems to be doing well in her personal life too.

Gu Hye Sun
Boys Over Flowers actress Gu Hye Sun. Instagram

Gu Hye Sun Opens Up About Her Love Life

In the January 4 episode of Face ID show, she had called her assistant director to speak about an upcoming film. The assistant director on call asked her about her love life. "How has that person been lately? Have you contacted him recently?" he asked Gu Hye Sun.

This made Gu Hye Sun burst out in laughter. She took her time and said that she has not met that person in a month. "I don't like men who hang onto me. I really don't like clingy men." She also said that she met 'that person' three months ago and they generally catch up only once a month.

The actress further told that she had started writing down names of people who she wants to invite to her wedding. She elaborated on the topic and said that earlier [when she married her Blood co-actor Ahn Jae Hyun in 2016] they did not have a wedding ceremony. "I haven't had a wedding ceremony before, so next time I definitely want to have one. I really want to invite the people I like," the actress said. "I've made a list, but it's longer than I thought. There are more than 10 people," she said as she laughed out loud.

Story Behind Boys Over Flowers Viral Photo

Boys Over Flowers
Gu Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di in the drama Boys Over Flowers Instagram

Needless to say, fans always find back stories of her successful drama opposite Lee Min Ho, Boys Over Flowers interesting. On the show Face ID too Gu Hye Sun was asked about the story behind her skiing photo from the drama going viral.

Gu Hye Sun said that Geum Jan Di, her character in the drama Boys Over Flowers, was skiing for the first time in her life. In fact, in real life too it was the first skiing experience for Gu Hye Sun. "Geum Jan Di was skiing for the first time, so I tried to get into the character. It was also my first time skiing. I did my best to make it look like I was enjoying myself but I was scared," she said. The photo got popular and is still being used as a meme to depict winter.

Gu Hye Sun
Gu Hye Sun's selfie when she was studying theatre. Face ID screenshot

Another photo that became a fodder for viral memes is Gu Hye Sun shedding tears. Explaining the story behind it, the actress said: "I started taking acting lessons in high school. When I was preparing to be a singer, I had severe stage fear. So the company asked me to take acting lessons. The 'crying selfie' was one of my assignments."

Gu Hye Sun's latest drama was You Are Too Much, released in 2017. She quit the drama after six episodes and decided to manage the house and support her husband Ahn Jae Hyun's acting career. However after her divorce in 2019, Gu Hye Sun made her first public appearance with an art exhibition, 'Voyage: Again and Again' in April 2020. Besides being an actress, she is also a singer, composer and a director.