GTA 5 Online: Top reasons why 99% of GTA 6 rumours and news are false

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW explains the top reasons why 99% of GTA 6 rumours and news are false.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross explains the top reasons why 99% of all GTA 6 rumours and news surfacing online are false, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. For starters, we have only about 1% of GTA 6 info that has been confirmed through reliable sources while the rest of the rumours and speculation are based on fan-made concept maps and imaginary game worlds with no substantial proof or backing from reputed sources.

Rockstar Games has so far confirmed that it will continue doing more titles in the GTA franchise, following the overwhelming sales records and highly-profitable revenues driven by the GTA 5 release. Further strengthening this claim, the Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnik recently confirmed in a public statement that GTA is something that's going to be a permanent franchise.

Meanwhile, there has been a ton of concept videos and content ideas produced for GTA 6 in the last few months including the GTA 6 characters, the gameplay and settings as well as its expected release window. Ross simply calls this enormous bunch of rumours as some kind of madness for a number of reasons.

A quick Google search on GTA 6 brings up nearly 14 million results in just half-a-second while some of the news updates on GTA 6 clearly raise serious doubts about the existence of GTA 6 or if it would ever release into the world of video games.

Some of the craziest speculations go as far as predicting the release of GTA 6 sometime between 2018 and 2020 while Rockstar has not revealed any clue about the next GTA title or its release timeframe. There are also a bunch of rumours talking about GTA 6 production work and leaked gameplay details including the chosen game location, which sounds really ambiguous and unconvincing at the moment.

On the contrary, we could see some interesting and plausible theories on GTA 6 such as the wishlist comprising the most-wanted features, improvements and ideas to be implemented in the forthcoming GTA iteration, which is based on the limitations in the existing game setup.

Now the biggest question concerning these rumours makes us wonder about its original source, which is the GTA community. The only plausible reason for such rumours can be credited to Take-Two Interactive's recent confirmation about its ongoing work with some future GTA updates.

As Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games and the latter's biggest game franchise is GTA, it is further speculated that Rockstar could be preparing something big in the coming months for its highly-popular action-RPG franchise.

The other big reason why we are seeing such drastic rumours about GTA 6 is because of the hype and high-volumes of online traffic generated with such content. Although several rumours pertaining to GTA 6 have interesting ideas (wishlist) and gameplay elements, they have no substantial evidence or substance to back their claims.

Another biggest problem with ensuing GTA 6 rumours is that most of the things being shared on the forums and gaming sites are part of opinions and lame discussions involving the GTA community members. There are very few instances where some rumoured GTA 6 info has been backed with references to the content leaked from Rockstar's official developer website.

Ross also lists out a bunch of top and trending websites for GTA 6 content, which contain about 99% rumours and only 1% of actual information that can be verfied or confirmed via reliable sources.

The YouTuber concludes that Rockstar's next game title could be a sequel to Red Dead Redemption or something from the Max Payne franchise and not another GTA installment as Rockstar often takes a long break (around 5 to 7 years) between the release of subsequent game titles for GTA franchise.