GTA 6 confirmed: Release date timeline and more revealed

YouTuber Sernandoe hints at the GTA 6 release date timeline, gameplay details and more, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe has revealed some fresh details pertaining to the release-date timeline for GTA 6 among other interesting things about Rockstar's upcoming game releases, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Rockstar has surprisingly remained silent at this year's E3 as it did not divulge any of its plans for upcoming game titles while the gaming community has been bombarded with a lot of speculation regarding the next Red Dead Redemption in the works.

The internet is abuzz with reports suggesting that Rockstar pulled off its violent trailer for the new Red Dead game owing to the horrific events in Orlando. Adam Boyes, the VP of third-party relations at PlayStation, has clarified that the company never wanted to reveal a Rockstar game at the E3 expo in the first place.

Meanwhile, Ryan Dungey, an avid fan of Red Dead franchise has tweeted to Adam Boyes (@amboyes) asking him for a clarification regarding the ongoing speculation that "a certain game was cut from the end of the show and replaced with the days gone gameplay." Boyes replied back to the fan tweet suggesting that there was "no such cut-content" at the show and it was actually meant to be "locked and unchanged for months."

Several rumours in the past have often suggested that GTA 6 could take place in the suburbs of Liberty City just like GTA 4 while a few others hinted at Tokyo or the entire area spanning the US. Then there were a few members of the GTA community rooting for London as the most-desirable game world for GTA 6.

Nevertheless, a bunch of gaming news outlets has suggested that the next GTA title could depart the US shores in favour of London while there is no substantial evidence to support this claim.

Recently, TechRadar has reported that Rockstar has decidedly moved the proposed game location from Tokyo back to the US, owing to its problematic road conditions and the difficulty in moving the game out of the US.

The likelihood of the next GTA title being based out of the US seems extremely high as all previous games in the franchise were conveniently developed around the suburbs of the same country. Consequently, the speculation is rife that the upcoming GTA title would take place across the entire US or a combination of multiple cities including Los Santos, Blaine County and Liberty City.

With GTA Online really picking up popularity in the online gaming community, it is ascertained that Rockstar will be pushing back the release of GTA 6 by at least a couple of years from now.

You might recollect that there was a time gap of four years between the releases of GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4, and a five year gap between GTA 4 and GTA 5. If we consider this pattern as a potential yardstick, GTA 6 is likely to release in 2017 or 2018.

Considering the release pattern for previous GTA titles, Sernandoe concludes that we are likely to see the gameplay trailer for GTA 6 sometime in 2017 with the actual game coming out in 2018.

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