GTA 6 trailer: Release date, gameplay and more explained

YouTuber DomisLive sheds some light on GTA 6's viral video trailers and its release details.

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive aka Dom has just posted a new gameplay video addressing a bunch of fan queries regarding the release of GTA 6 and its probable gameplay content.

In response to a recent fan query on Twitter about a viral GTA 6 trailer, Dom clarifies that the GTA community is divided in terms of varying opinions and perspectives about the forthcoming game in the popular action-RPG series from Rockstar Games.

It is ascertained that a few members of the community think that the sixth instalment of the game is far away from its release while some others argue that the release of a GTA 6 trailer could be just around the corner.

Dom also confirms that most of the videos on YouTube are fake and do not actually represent any probable game content for future instalments in the popular GTA series.

Rockstar is yet to comment or make any announcement regarding the likely release window for GTA 6. Nevertheless, the existence of the next iteration in the GTA series is almost confirmed as hinted by the game maker in its previous game expo.

Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied if it would stick to the traditional naming convention for the forthcoming instalment in the GTA series. On the flip side, the game maker is very likely to roll out Red Dead Redemption 2 as its next major title in the next couple of years.

With GTA 5 still doing good sales and topping the popularity charts, it's highly unlikely that Rockstar would release the GTA 6 anytime soon. Besides, the GTA 5 is still receiving a lot of updated content on a regular basis and the existing GTA Online fan base seems contempt with Rockstar's content-rich game.

Dom concludes that Rockstar's head of developers, Leslie Benzies, has recently decided to quit the company and this could have an impact on future game releases in GTA series.

In related news, Christian Daily reports that Rockstar is expected to reveal something about its future projects at the forthcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) starting June 14 through June 16 in Los Angeles, California.

The speculation is rife that Take-Two will be making an appearance at Sony's pre-show media event or at Microsoft conference.

"Rockstar Games is of course hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon," Take-Two stated in a press release.