GTA 5 Online reeling with new money glitch scam and you could be next

YouTubers and GTA Online gamers have been hit with a new money scam that's faking Rockstar's email credentials.

GTA 5 Online
GTA Online reeling with new money glitch scam and you could be next

GTA Online is reeling with new money glitch scam as several unsuspecting players have fallen prey to real-life money-extortion racket. Meanwhile, prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shed some light on the ensuing money scam and its consequences on the game.

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Coming back to the money scam, several YouTubers have been flummoxed after receiving a fake Rockstar Games email that demanded a small one-time payment to prevent legal action or termination of their channel/account on YouTube.

As Ross clarifies in his video, he has received over seven or eight of these counterfeit emails claiming to be a PayPal notice from Rockstar. It is not yet known how many such fake emails are in circulation across the GTA community.

Here are the excerpts from the counterfeit email from Rockstar:

Sub: Rockstar Games sent you a money request

NOTE from Rockstar Games

"Hello, this is Bahen Chod Rockstar Games. We are contacting you on behalf of you making YouTube videos about our game. Please pay this one-time fee to prevent legal action or termination of your YouTube channel."

As Ross explains, he was being charged a one-time fee of $750 USD to keep his YouTube channel safe from bans and terminations.

It is anybody's guess that Rockstar would neither use such Indian slang words in its email nor terminate random YouTube accounts, unless there is a major copyright violation or abuse of Rockstar's game content. So, gamers and YouTubers alike are advised to ignore all such emails as they are confirmed to be 100% fake.

It is evident that the scammer is targeting all those GTA Online players who have accounts and channel subscriptions on YouTube with relevant links to PayPal accounts.

With Rockstar recently cracking down on copyright violations and banning all those YouTube accounts that misuse game content, several unsuspecting YouTubers would be wary of getting their account terminated.

Nevertheless, Rockstar's EULA policy states that their game content is free for producing YouTube videos and sharing gameplay experience online with fellow users or YouTubers.

We could only hope that there were strict laws against impersonating a game publishing company as such a massive scam could easily exploit thousands of gamers across the globe.

In related news, GTA 5 has once again come under flak and has been blamed for inspiring an 11-year old to take his parents' car for a spin in Ontario, Canada.

The boy had reportedly taken his parents' car for a ride on the highway, after being impressed with car-driving antics in GTA 5. The police officers who stopped the car insisted that playing GTA 5 wasn't the right way to learn driving cars in real life.