GTA 5 Online: New Tuners and Outlaws vehicle-warehouse garage found, other clues for upcoming DLC

YouTuber MrBossFTW throws fresh light on the highly-anticipated Tuners and Outlaws DLC gameplay elements in his latest video.

GTA 5 Online: Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept
GTA 5 Online: New Tuners and Outlaws vehicle warehouse/garage found, other clues for upcoming DLC

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has unearthed some fresh clues regarding the highly-anticipated 'Tuners and Outlaws DLC' in GTA Online as a new vehicle warehouse/garage has been found in the game. The advent of Import/Export DLC has introduced the vehicle warehouse concept wherein players can acquire and sell vehicles for a profit while some veteran GTA players have been disappointed with the single-sized warehouse for all the selling missions.

This limitation coupled with the availability of just 9 warehouse locations (mostly constrained to South East/South West portion of Los Santos) in the game, which has seriously dented the scope of business expansion in GTA Online. Besides, there is no dynamism in having similarly-designed or identically-styled warehouses, despite their varying prices across all the locations in Los Santos.

Meanwhile, a veteran Redditor named 'Im_Tsuikyit' has shared some fresh information on a new vehicle cargo warehouse via Reddit's GTA Online thread. According to the user, the hidden cargo warehouse was spotted right opposite the street from the strip club that reads "Foreign and Domestic" above the door.

The Reddit user explains that he accidentally spotted the building during a car delivery mission wherein he was driving a Baller to Simeon in a contact mission. "I hit a telephone pole and the Baller flew and hit a warehouse. As the car hit the warehouse, I got the message: 'This warehouse is for vehicle cargo only'," adds the user in his Reddit post.

As Ross points out in his video, the catch here is that the same message can be reproduced while you try parking your personal car inside a pre-owned vehicle-warehouse garage in GTA Online. These garages are basically meant for storing vehicle cargo or special vehicles that are part of import/export missions only.

Consequently, it is now being speculated that the newly unearthed vehicle-cargo garage could be part of the cut content from the Import/Export DLC or probably something that was reserved for the highly-anticipated Tuners and Outlaws DLC or a sequel to Import/Export DLC in GTA Online.

It must be noted that only one of the two doors at the Foreign and Domestic garage works fine and the other doesn't respond at all. So, it looks as if Rockstar might have abandoned the warehouse with the intent of fixing up known glitches or inherent bugs linked to it, before making it available for players in GTA Online.

There is another similar warehouse garage located in Vagos gang territory known as 'Autoshop' which is not being used anywhere in the game.

Ross also mentions another warehouse garage near the airport hangar that reads 'McKenzie Imports/Exports' on the top and a similar signboard on its sides, and for some reason it has not been used in the game. Furthermore, avid GTA fans have unearthed in-game code files that suggest the current warehouse size is "medium" while the small and large sized warehouses could be part of the cut content from Import/Export DLC part 1.

Given the hidden warehouse details, the possibility of Rockstar releasing the second iteration of Import/Export DLC cannot be ruled out. This theory is further strengthened by the fact that the game maker is offering three different sized warehouses (small, medium and large) for CEO missions, while allowing a single-sized warehouse for the Import/Export missions.

In related news, Ross also describes about the varying types of special vehicles that could make their way into GTA Online with the Import/Export DLC part 2 or Tuners and Outlaws DLC. Hybrid land/water or land/air vehicles are also in the fan wishlist as they could boost the replay value of the game, besides the primary goal of delivering these special vehicles to designated zones or locations.